Abbey Renner Student of Oklahoma State University Passed away at the age of 24. Friends mourn her death obituary cause of death age.

A young Student of Oklahoma State University named Abbey Renner has recently been on social media Searches. According to the news, Abbey Renner, A beautiful girl from Tulsa has lost his life. Thousands of people paid tribute to him and pray for her family.  Abbey was a young brilliant student of Oklahoma University even her parents also had pride in her. But Unfortunately, she left this world and her family heartbroken. We will take a deep dive into the story of Abbey Renner in the article.

Abbey Renner Student of Oklahoma

Who is Abbey Renner?

Abbey Renner was a brilliant medical student of Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.  She was a second-year clinical student. Her Facebook Account is flooded with RIP comments and tributes paid by hundreds of her friends. She was one of those students who are really passionate about their work and love their school. Other students and teachers were also loved her a lot. But her sudden demise news was like a shock for the entire university. Her friend and closed teachers were upset because of losing a lovely young student.

One relative of Abbey Wrote on Twitter:

One of our recents alums, Abbey Renner, has died. She was such a kind and smart and just HAPPY person who was fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor at OSU. I must have just missed her at the Tulsa marathon on Sunday. So sad for her family on this day.

Abbey Renner Death

Her death was announced on Facebook on November 24, 2021. Many of her friends confirmed her Death and pays tribute to her. According to Facebook posts, Abbey was a hard-working person who want to achieve their dreams at any cost. Her hard work and passion make everyone inspire. But she left her dreams incomplete at this young age.

She has a Goal to dispatch and offer diabetes instruction courses at Xavier Medical Clinic. The main aim is to control the high incidence of diabetes among adults in the Tulsa population. Our team mourns the death of a kind-hearted future Doctor who lost his life at a young age.

Abbey Renner Student of Oklahoma

One Closed friend Wrote on Facebook:

“So many memories with this girl that run through my head. She did everything right and was always trying to do better for herself and others. I will hold on tight to the funny memories forever! She was an actual GENIUS and in high school I would call her up and ask her to help me with my Spanish homework because she said she enjoyed it and I thought she was crazy. But, that’s who Abbey was! A caring and loving friend that always wanted to help. I find peace in this awful mess knowing that Abbey is in heaven. I strive to continue living my life in the way Abbey did! Your legacy will live on forever. ❤️

I’m asking for prayers for the Renner family during this time in hopes that they find some sort of peace.”
Another friend said:
“Rest in eternal peace and rise in glory, sweet Abbey. I remember her even as a little girl at church with a heart of pure kindness and gentleness, and always ready to make everything better. Only 24 years old, we still needed the love and goodness she wanted to share with the world. Sudden and unimaginably heartbreaking for the Renner family. Dana, Dustin, Ethan, and Susan, we send you our deepest love and condolences.”
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Oklahoma State University Student 

A young Student of Oklahoma State University, Abbey Renner, has left all of us. But she will be always remembered because of her kind nature and sweet way to talk with everybody. She was always ready to help each other. She has many friends in the entire University. The 24 years old, young medical Student was missed by her friends, relatives, family and closed once.


According to her LinkedIn profile, Abbey has worked at Integris Health as a Physical Therapy Technician and transportation associate surgical admission unit and post-anesthesia care unit for two years. Also, she received an education and training in the Emergency Room Scribe from January 2019 to July 2020. 

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