Recently a girl name Gwyneth Chua was trending and receiving immense backlash from social media. The girl was identified to hail from America who is accused of spreading coronavirus openly. She was spotted wandering on the street of Philipines notwithstanding the fact that she is covid positive. The video of Chua got viral on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and leads to an eruption of anger among the user. They are demanding requisite legal action against the girl for not adhering to the rules and regulations of deadly viruses. Keep reading to explore more about the Poblacion Girl further in this article. 

who is Gwyneth Chua?

Gwyneth Chua belongs from the United States who is currently living in Makati City, Philipines. Not much about her personal details revealed so far. Some sources claim that she catch covid 19 viruses on  December 23 when she attended a party the previous day. She felt some mild symptoms and when tested for the same on December 27 found positive. 


why she is trending?

Even knowing the fact that she is covid positive and needs urgent quarantine. But she chooses to wander freely on the streets of the Philipines and openly denied the covid protocols. Her act really sounds childish and irresponsible as this causes many lives at the stake of being infected with the virus. The world is suffering from the deadly virus now for more than a year and has seen many death, economic slowdown, job loss, mass migration, etc.

In spite of all this, the irresponsible behavior of anyone is a matter of deep concern for society. One source also claims that around 15 people found positive with the virus who got into touch with the girl. 

Some people have started creating memes on the girl which is spreading like wildfire on the social networking sites like here is one on Twitter: 

poblasian girl viral video

Many social media users including the citizen of the Philippines show their anger towards the girl’s action. They are asking for immediate action against the girl who is posing a big threat to the citizen.

dark. secret said “Let me just release my frustration because of Gwyneth Chua aka “Poblacion girl” Your selfish and irrational action can now result in another drastic number of COVID-19 cases, knowing the fact that you have omicron variant, which cannot be easily detected but still denying it..”

So far we do not have any information whether she got any punishment from the local authorities or not. We will keep you updated with the latest happenings further on this. 


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