A popular female athlete named akiah mcmillan who broke the school record with her 300m sprint within 48.52 seconds is dead. Her loved ones were totally devastated because of losing a talented and young athlete. Sources claimed that Akiah McMillan has died of Suicide. We will look further into the Akiah story in the article.

Akiah McMillan: Death or Suicide?

Talented  Columbia College track athlete Akiah McMillan gains massive attention on the internet when her suicide news on the internet. People were completely shocked after hearing that her growing career ended in this phase. Her parents never expect something like this from their talented daughter. She had participated in many Championships and won. Even she was also qualified for East Regional Championships with Nick in Greenville. No doubt that she has a bright future but unfortunatley her story ended here.

Who was Akiah McMillan?

Akiah McMillan is a sprinter who got famous after breaking the school record with her 300m sprint within 48.52 seconds. She is famous for being a talented School athlete. But her Sudden passing makes everyone upset. No doubt that she was a bright and talented school but she was also a lovely girl herself. May her soul Rest in Peace.


Although Akiah’s cause of death is not yet publically available but some sources were claiming that she died by suicide. But the information is still blurry.

How did Akiah McMillan die?

Akiah McMillan was a student athlete at her college. She has a dream of being an NCAA Champion and participating in the Olympics 2021. She had a height of 5 ft and 4 inches with a weight of 125lbs. We don’t have her actual age but she was around her 20s according to other sources. No doubt that she has the capability of being a professional player in her career. Many Facebook relatives of Akiah confirmed her death and shared their lovely memories together. her parents is passing through deep pain after losing their young family member. May her soul Rest In Peace. 

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