A video is getting so much attention these days from popular Michael Mandel, a well-known host, and television personality. He uploaded a video clip on TikTok which got viral quickly and attains immense popularity. Later on, when he finds the video clip unsuitable, he did not take the time to delete it on social media. Those who have watched it are sharing their reactions, on the other hand, those who haven’t been desperate to have a look at the viral video which has created a kind of havoc everywhere. 

Who is Lemelon 6 Twitter?

Lemelon 6 Twitter video is a viral video of Michael Mandel who is a popular show host, comedian, television personality, author, screenwriter, and actor. He is well known for hosting some of the most popular shows in America. He is 66-year-old at present. Mandel has gained massive popularity online. You can find him active on social media platforms where millions of people follow his account. You can follow him on Tiktok where around  9.8 million people are there following his account. 

Lemelon 6 twitter video 

Recently Michael Mandel uploaded a video of rectal prolapse from which his friend is suffering. Some people who watched it found it horrific and difficult to watch. Man shares scared reactions in the comment section of the video clip too. We can’t share much about it as it is now not available. Some people are quite angry with the recently uploaded Lemelon 6 video. Maybe this is the reason behind Mandel deleting the same. 

Shortly after it was published on Tiktok it got viral. Thousands of people watch it and share their comments. We cannot share the Lemelon 6 twitter video clip here as it is already deleted from the major platforms. The same is now not available on Twitter or TikTok. The exact reason behind deleting the clip remains unknown at the moment. Our team is trying to gain further knowledge about the same. We will continue to update you further on this. To not miss anything keep following our website. 

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