In this article, we going to talk about a popular Youtuber, Brooke Houts who is trending these days after a controversial video. She was facing immense backlash from social media after her video on her youtube channel in which she indulge in animal abuse. She has pet Doberman Pinscher name Sphinx. In the video, she can be seen as beating, spitting on the dog for no reason. The video attracts mass criticism for hitting her innocent animal. Keep reading the article to read more about the dog and Is Brooke Houts dog taken away?

Brooke Houts dog taken away

After her act against Sphinx many of her subscribers and social media users demanded that her pet should be taken away from her because she did not deserve to hold a pet.

Colin said on the internet “That girl Brooke Houts who beat her dog and spit on it is back now and she didn’t even apologize for it or even bring it up. She could have donated to animal abuse charities but did nothing. AND SHE STILL HAS THE DOG and now vlogs with her new bf like nothing happened. Sickening”


Many sign petitions with LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force and the same investigated her again the charges of animal brutality. But so far there is no information from the authorities regarding any action against the Youtuber. For your kind information, she has already deleted the video for which she faces backlash.

In the video, she expresses herself merciless towards her pet Sphinx. She abuses her voiceless animal without any plausible reason behind the same. Which causes the wave of anger again the girl for her action towards the innocent pet. 

who is Brooke Houts?

She is a content creator on Youtube mostly lifestyle videos, vlogs who amassed around 258k subscribers at the time of writing this article. Started her Youtube channel in 2014 and for the past couple of months, she did not upload anything on the channel.  Brooke never made her personal information public. Details like her age, net worth, boyfriend, family, etc are not known to anybody in the public domain. For a long time, she managed to entertain her followers through the content but her video uploaded in August 2019 leads to the downfall of her supporters and admirers.

The lack of evidence against Brooke Houts Dog is told to be the main reason behind no action. In response to the unending criticism from social media, she posted an apology officially to settle everything. 


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