deep singh suicide: The saddening news of Deep Singh Passing has hit social media hard. some people also known him as Deepy singh. Sources confirmed that he died of falling from M621 Bridge. Reportedly he ended his life by jumping from the bridge. His body has been recovered from the spot. No one has ever thought that a lively and car passionate will meet his end in this way. People on social media shares heartfelt condolence and tributes. Keep reading to learn more about Deep Singh’s personal and professional life, m621 suicide, 

Who is deep singh?

Deep Singh was also known by the name Amandeep was 22 years old artist. From his social media feed, one can understand his passion for exotic cars and rides.

Deep Singh hails from Leeds. Not much about his personal life is revealed in the public. He did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. You can find him on Instagram with the name deepyyyyy on which he was followed by around 64.3k followers.


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As mentioned above most of his post on the social handle is of fancy cars showing his stringent interest in the same. 

Deep Singh Suicide

The news of Amandeep Singh Death by committing suicide was made public by many sources on December 17, 2021. His step to end his life left thousands in complete disbelief.

Though we probably feel broken that another light has left this world I can’t help but admire how beautiful Deep Singh must have been. The last note he left is so reassuring to his close ones and those who might feel similar to him,” said Selina on Twitter. 

Althoug the exact reason behind his death was not clear but some sources claim he took this step because of severe depression. 

Why did he commit suicide?

The circumstances around Mr. Singh suicide are yet to be revealed by the sources. He was dealing with intense depression which forced him to take this step. Whether it is work-related depression or there is something else is still a matter of concern. The family members have not unveiled anything on this so far.


Our team is consistently watching for further information and soon update you on this. His last post on his Instagram clears that his mental condition is not good. Which further confirms his depressive state. 

Many social media users expressed shocking reactions through their handles. Our team paid deepest tributes and include the family members in the prayers. “Mental illness in many S.Asian communities is a taboo. Deep Singh’s followers have taken to social media to share their own experiences ‘..a culture of shame in our community stops us from getting help’. Conversations are happening, education is key to breaking down barriers”

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