Rick Saleeby CNN arrested in Pedophilia Scandal. people were curious to know more about rick saleeby wiki age wife allegations charges:

Another viral news is just hit the door of our Desktop. According to the sources, CNN producer rick saleeby was arrested in the Pedophile scandal. The news is circulating all over the internet making people shocked. We all know that Rick Saleeby is one of the most common Television personalities. He usually appears in the headlines of magazines. He was popularly known for being the producer of CNN. And no doubt that his arrest news is going to hurt his reputation in the market. His name is outraged on social media for his involvement in the Pedophile scandal. We will know more about him in the article further. ‘

 rick saleeby cnn producer

who is rick saleeby?

Rick Saleeby is the producer of CNN who usually appeared in news headlines. He is like a celebrity who comes into the media spotlight every new day. But recently media caught his news which is not in favor of him. Rick is a senior producer for “The Lead with Jake Tapper” Currently, he resigned from the position. According to the sources, Rick suddenly resigned from his position after he was involved in sexual misconduct. In leaked videos from the controversial conservative watchdog group “Project Veritas.” Projects Veritas revealed the name after ensuring the family involved was safe.

rick saleeby cnn arrested

Rick Saleeby was a member of CNN for a long time. He gains popularity after serving as a senior producer for the Lead with Jake Trapper. Although he is a famous television personality he doesn’t have any Wikipedia of his own. Rick Saleeby was the one who two months ago applies accused Steve Brusk that has been flirting with female employees at social gatherings. He allegedly put his arms around the female staff and touched their leg. He is kind of flirty with them. And now he is in news for doing something similar. He was exposed by Project Veritas after knowing his connection in the pedophile scandal. He has been arrested and thousands of internet users were commenting their point of view on it. Even one user wrote:

“Rick Saleeby from Jake Tapper’s show had all of his electronic devices seized by law enforcement 17 months ago, and the FBI didn’t arrest him for child trafficking until six days ago. The FBI was broken. The only reason they arrested him was Project Veritas!”


Project Veritas stated that the person recorded daydreaming about the genitals of an underage girl is none other than CNN producer, Rick Saleeby. Rick Saleeby is around 45 years as of now. we don’t have any information regarding the wife and children of Rick Saleeby but we will update it here soon.

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