Who was Drayke Hardman and what was his cause of death?: Heartbreaking news of little boy Drake Hardman Death has shocked the entire internet. As per the information available, he was 12 years old boy who attempted suicide following the bullying. Although exactly what happened to her is still not clear. The allegation was made by his stressed father who lost his son. Now, social media is trending with the phrase do it for drayke. Our team extends deepest condolences and tributes over the loss of a little child. Stay with the article to learn more about him.

Who is Drake Hardman?

Drayke Andrew Hardman was 12 years old little kid who was trending after the news of his death broke out on February 7. The unfortunate passing of the boy made the family members numb and bereft. Drake was survived by his parents and an elder sister. Her sister is of around 16 years. Drake was a lively and full of energy kind of child of his class. But the social evil Bullying struck his way.

Even after so much modernization bullying still exist and we are unable to coup up with the same. And the recent tragic suicide of a child is the live proof of the same. 

Drake’s father’s name is Andy Hardman who is Director at Rakuten Advertising. In his recent Facebook post wrote “There are amazing people still in this world and we’ve felt that love so much from so many of you. I’ve been wanting to share my feelings, but I’ve struggled to find the words. Now it’s my time to be a voice of my hero my only son who was taken from us.”

Our hearts go with the family members who are facing such an unbearable loss. 


Drayke suicide 

As per the latest reports, Drayke attempted suicide on February 7. His father made the claims that he was terribly bullied and the same cost 12 years old life. Andy said that he tie his hoodie around his neck and attempted to end his life. The person behind the same is not unearthed. some rumors claim investigation is already started and the bully perspective is thoroughly monitored in the case. We hope the little kid soon received justice and her soul rests well. 

Drayke hardman obituary

As of now, we can’t share drayke obituary due to a lack of official information. As the investigation is in the nascent stage hence not much is revealed yet. Our team is working hard to collect more details and will soon update you. Kindly follow our website Deathmilitia.com for the latest updates. 


Social media Reaction- Do it for drayke

Following the death of Drake Hardman, thousands of internet netizens and social media users made the trend #doitfordrayke. With the motive to spread the word and provide quick justice to the little kid’s soul. His father wrote in his post “What would cause a 12-year-old boy to lose so much hope in his heart that he would tie his hoodie around his neck to take his own life?

One word…BULLYING!!!”

Riley Wilde reacted to the news “treat people with kindness: it breaks my heart, even more, knowing what this family is going through. I’ve been there. I’ve lost someone close to my heart because the weight of the world was just too much to bear. the cruelness of this world is so unfair.”

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