I’ve been trying to find the words, but no words seem right. The world lost a very bright light in the world today.

The shocking news of Melody Lane Cricut’s death has just broken out on the internet. She was a popular YouTuber known for her amazing crafting product. She was professional in making fine-quality crafts with her own hands. Sadly she left us all too soon. Although we can’t confirm her exact age some reports claim her to be in her late 40s. Our team extends deepest condolences to her family members for the irreparable loss. Keep reading to discover more about her. 

Who was Melody Lane Cricut?

Melody Lane Cricut was a professional craft product designer. She also owned a Youtube channel where she often uploads her amazing craft products with her subscribers. Thanks to her fine quality arts skill she achieved a big name in the field. At the time of writing this article, Melody has whooping 212k subscribers on the platforms. Not much about Lane can be confirmed at the moment. Due to lack of personal information. She never shared any personal stuff on social media.

“Such shocking and sad news. The Cricut community has lost a leader, teacher, friend, and shining star. I did not personally know Melody but many of my colleagues did, and their love and respect for her are evident. She will be sorely missed but her legacy will live on through all those who learned from her. My thoughts are with her family, friends, subscribers, and followers Melody Lane” said Kathy Hodson. 


From her sister’s note confirming her death via posting on social networking sites, we get to know about her little son Alex. She was a married woman but information about her husband remains uncovered. 

Melody Lane death

She was making news headlines after the Well Crafted Studio CEO Jen Swift revealed the information of Melody Lane Cricut’s death. The unfortunate passing of the lady was confirmed on February 15, 2022. As per the information revealed by her sister, Lane was suffering from the covid 19 virus. Due to the same, her immune system got badly compromised.

“The things you taught me and that I put into action – you will live on through so many of us crafters. The Cricut community truly has lost someone very special. God Speed, rest in peace and I hope you can craft your heart out up in heaven.”

Hundreds of thousands of people who belong to her fan community mourn her sudden passing. She was a talented, smiling, and lively woman. With her amazing expertise skills in crafting products, she made her own existence on an ocean-like social media platform Youtube. There are several questions among the internet netizen which remain unanswered like whether Melody Lane was Vaccinated or not. 

Melody lane Wikipedia obituary

As of now, her family has not shared anything on Melody lane’s obituary. Our team is still waiting for the official confirmation to explore further details. We will let you when we have more information on the same. kindly follow our Deathmiltiia.com for the latest facts. 

Susie’s Wreaths and Things wrote “For all of you in the Cricut crafting community, the beloved Melody Lane Passed today. Pray for her family. Here is a link to her Facebook page if you want to send a message to her family. “


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