With a heavy heart, we are having to inform you that she was one of the most popular actress Raquel Pankowsky, who has come in the headline of the news. Unfortunately, she is no more among us, she has passed away on March 28 in the year 2022. At the time of her death, she was 69 years old,  by profession she was an actress, who had worked in a number of films.

As per the report as soon as her death news arrived on the internet many netizens have been active and they are bent on searching for what was Raquel Pankowsky’s death caused and how did she die? Do you also have these questions? then you are reading the right post, here we will let you know more about her so let’s get started.

Raquel Pankowsky

Who Was Raquel Pankowsky?

Raquel Pankowsky was born on July 10, 1952, and on the 28th of March in 2022, she has lost her life. She was one of the emerging stars who has earned a huge amount of money in her career.  Throughout her career, she had worked with a number of famous stars, who are famous and well known in the entertainment industry.  Her hometown is Mexico City, she spent her early year in Narvarte. She was the daughter of Isabel and Jose Pankowky. He has divorced when she was just 6 years old. Her father passed away when she was just 19 years old and her mother also left her when she was 25 years old.

There are many people who are showing interest to know about her personal life. We want to inform all of us readers who are reading this. Since the beginning she had never gotten married in her life is why at the time of her death she did not have a husband. Talking about her love life then there is no info that in her past she had a boyfriend or not, neither did she have children.

Raquel Pankowsky Death

When Raquel Pankowsky was just 11 years old, she started smoking which is why she was diagnosed with COPD and faced health-related problems which is why she could not live more. There are many celebrities who have come forward to pay her tribute and condolence to the famiy. We also offer our deepest condolence to the family, may her soul rest in peace. It is a hard time for the family and her relatives. Her fans are also devastated and that is why we can see the wave of condolences on the social media platform. Raquel Pankowsky’s death cause can be COPD apart from this there is no official source to clarify this.

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