Don Dreyer is the center of attraction and is being searched rapidly. Do you know who is Don Dreyer? he is professionally a Chaffey College staff who has been arrested recently. There are lots of people who are being interested to know more about this. He is getting viral in the course of time.

You might be in the swim that what is the reason behind his arrest. So far many people are thinking that it is a rumor, they are not believing in this news. We have come back with the latest updates on the same site we will let you know every single thing about him.

Who is Don Dreyer?

As per the report, we have come to know that he has been charged with Pedophile acts. That is why he is being arrested. Netizens are searching this news and they are showing good interest to know about Don Dreyer. We will clarify this news through the official sources, the rumor is spreading on social media. As we have told earlier that he is a professor at Chaffey College. Against a minor boy he is being claimed to perform illegal and pedophile acts. He is being criticized by lots of people because being a professor his actions are completely opposite to his work.

Don Dreyer Arrested or Not?

Plenty of people are bent on reacting to this news. It is not the first time that has happened in college and any professor and teacher did this. Most of the sexual assaulters have come out as assaulters. It is such a shameful thing for all of us. As far as we know he was serving as a Technical Specialist, now he has been a matter of discussion, and tons of people are paying attention to him. There are two clips of the victim meaning a boy, which are circulating on the internet and netizens are sharing them on social media some are watching them.

In the first video, we can see the profession and in the second video, it was shown that the culprit is being questioned by people. Through the report, we came to know that the child was 13 years old. He has sent some inappropriate texts to the boy including abusive words. He is in the custody or not, we will let you know because there is no official report which disclosed the exact info. For more updates stay connected with us we will be right back with the latest updates on

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