Who was St. Patrick Parish Father Vito Marziliano and what was his cause of death?: Recently the death of Father Vito Marziliano was confirmed by many sources.  He was a father at St Patrick’s Church in Brampton. Following the death, thousands of tributes and condolence were posted on social media platforms for the loss of the great person. His friends, colleague,s, and followers all are numb and bereft with his loss. People follow him and have learned a lot from his teaching. Keep reading to explore more about him further in this article. Must follow Deathmilitia.com for more such updates. 

Who was Father Vito Marziliano?

Vito Marziliano was a father at st Patrick church based in Brampton. He was born on August 24th, 1955.  Not much about his personal life is available with us at the moment. For your kind information, Vito does not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. According to some of our reports, he spent most of his life helping and teaching others.

Maurizio Bevilacqua commented on Facebook “Father Vito Marziliano was a priest, a friend, and an inspirational spiritual leader. He served God and his community. I remember flying back to Toronto with him… a trip I will always cherish and treasure for its depth, humor, and pure joy. Humility, love, and compassion are needed in this world. We lost a great champion of all three! Rest my friend… you did well!”

Being a father of the church he held a very crucial position in society. He worked hard to bring some changes and educate people. He was a smiling and polite kind of man who loves his surrounding people. We will keep you updated with our latest findings on him. He was making news headlines and trending after his death on February 12, 2022. 

St. Patrick Parish Father Vito Marziliano Death 

Father Vito Death has shocked his entire following, colleagues, and friends. He was a great person with so much knowledge and he spread his wisdom with others throughout his life. The cause of his death is still not clear by the source.

Vito Iasparro said “I am so saddened to hear of the passing of this great man who loved with his full heart. An incredible loss to our community. He will always be remembered for his servant leadership. Please keep Father Vito Marziliano of St. Patrick Parish in your prayers. May he rest in peace among the angels.”

There are some rumors around on social networking sites related to the different theories of his demise. But without correct information, we can’t validate any of these reports. We will let you know when we have furhter details. 

Father Vito obituary

As of now, we can’t share the father vito marziliano obituary due to a lack of official information. Our team is waiting for further details to break out and clear the doubt of internet netizens. There are hundreds of messages on social media mourning and sharing tributes for the loss of a great father. The followers of St Patrick’s church are deeply shaken by his sudden passing. We want to share our sympathy with them. Rest in peace Vito. One reacted to the death “I am deeply saddened by the news that Father Vito Marziliano has passed away. He provided exemplary spiritual support to so many and his homilies were eloquent and compelling. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family and friends.”


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