Saturday morning a horrific incident broke out that shocked the entire world. The shooter with a gun opened ruthless firing at the people crossing around in Buffalo, New York. He recorded the incident with his helmet camera. You can see the video of the same circulating around with the title wyatt coto shooting.

The person behind the scene is confirmed as Wyatt Coto, who is a young man. The reason behind his act was claimed to be a hate crime. Around 13 people lost their lives in this incident. We will share much more details about the incident so keep reading. 

wyatt coto twitter

Wyatt coto twitter is trending on the internet following the release of a shocking video showing a shooter killing dozens of people mercilessly. The shooting incident was reported to be on Saturday morning. The shooter intentionally recorded the whole scene with his helmet-mounted digital camera.

The person who opened fire on the people was claimed to be in his early twenties. The reason behind his merciless mass killing of innocent people was racism as some rumors claim. He killed around eleven black men in the shopping complex. 

wyatt coto twitter video 

The clip of wyatt coto shooting is circulating like a wildfire in the jungle. The viral video is already seen thousands of times and got hundreds of comments from people. People are enraged with the horrific incident and demand the immediate arrest of the criminal.

At present Wyatt_Coto has around 1,152 Followers on the Twitter handle. Some believe that the guy who shot at the people is racially motivated. “Still racially motivated lmao, he wrote an entire manifesto that Included the “Great replacement” theory that is frequently pushed by white supremacists, he had countless racist memes and talked about how white people are the superior race, he also planned the mass shooting” commented Jorge. 

is wyatt coto arrested?

wyatt coto identity is not revealed in the public domain yet. He is just trending after the video of his Twitter account went viral. Who is Wyatt coto and how did he get the clip remains a point of discussion as of now. Because of a lack of trusted sources. You can find him on wyatt_coto twitch as well as Twitter.

The victim includes a woman as well as a man. “Tops supermarket security guard Aaron Salter, Jr., a retired police officer, reportedly fired multiple rounds at the gunman before Salter was shot and killed.”

In this case, a youngster around 18 years old Payton Gendron was arrested. It was believed that he is the prime suspect of the Buffalo Shooting at the retail market.

So now the teenager is under the arrest of the New York police. xavsi wrote “I doubt that. You could literally see he was shooting indiscriminately. Can’t jump to conclusions just cuz the dude was white. It was literally all blacks people at the front”

There are lots of details yet to be made public. We will keep you updated with further findings. So kindly follow our to not miss a single update. 

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