There is no doubt in saying that Social media has become a powerful tool for people who want to share their private life in front of an audience.  Social media opened a door for everyone who wants to do something that will make them shine. Recently another personality with the name Hashini Silva or popularity known as Y FM Hashini Silva has come into the trending spotlight after her private video goes viral. The video gets massive attention and circulation on social media and it seems that her video is some kind of NSFW content. We will reveal everything about the woman named YFM Hashini Silva who is behind this trending video.

Y FM Hashini Silva Video

Social media is a powerful tool and for some people, this is a platform where they can become super famous in a short period of time. Somewhere this becomes the reality of social media. Usually, we understand Social media platforms as a tool to connect with people who we want to connect with but some teenagers who want to get fame overnight will do something on social media that of course gives them popularity but in the wrong manner. Recently the young woman Hashini Silva whose Wikipedia will be covered Later has recently become super famous for her leaked and private video. As you can see in the video, she is doing something that obviously comes under the NSFW category.

Y FM Hashini Silva wiki, who is she?

You will be shocked by knowing that the featured girl in the viral video is Hashini Silva who is popular for being the radio character on the YFM radio station. As she is a radio personality, she has a worldwide fame and has thousands of followers who truly care for her and follow her. Her sudden released leaked video shocked her entire fan base as they never expect something like that from a reputed Radio personality of a big radio station like y fm. before proceeding further on her leaked video, let’s discuss her personal life and Wikipedia updates. the beautiful young radio personality has a worldwide reputation, as she is a young and beautiful woman, most of her followers are a man who loves her for her adorable personality. and obviously, almost 90% of the audience who searching for the link to her leaked video is men.

According to some Wikipedia sources, she has completed her studies at Yashodara Balika Vidyalaya. As she holds a major position in the radion station y fm, she has various achievements in her career. Even every day, various business offers came to her so you can guess that her net worth would be in millions.

YFM Hashini Silva Video Link

The world-famous Radio personality whose name is Hashini Silva has been caught under unexpected circumstances after her private video goes leaked on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. As her video is continuously circulating on the internet. Her presentations on Radio stations is awesome. Although her actual age is behind the curtains as of now her appearance reveals that she is around 30 years old. Her nationality and personal life is out of the box right now but we will find all the remaining updates very soon. for now, you can watch the full video here. 

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