Unfortunately, David Yonggi Cho, a popular South Korean pastor is no more between us. He died at the age of 85 years old. After the news of his death broke out in public, social media outpours with mourning and RIP messages. He was a great leader with lots of followers. The circumstances around his death were not revealed yet by any source. Our team shared deep condolence with the family members. Keep reading to know more about David Yonggi Cho Death, Morreu, Morreu,  Age, Net Worth, Obituary, Cause Of Death, Facebook, etc. 

Who is David Yonggi Cho?

David Yonggi Cho also known as Dr. Paul Yungi Cho was born on February 14, 1936, at the place Ulju-gun in south Korea. he is co-founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God). Many considered him as Christin but for your kind information, he was brought up as Buddhist but later at the age of 17 the family converted to Christianity.

Who is David Yonggi Cho? South Korean Pastor Death Confirmed

Later in his life, he worked as a translator of American evangelist Ken Tize. David first started his worship at  Daejo Church with hardly four members at that time. But eventually, with the period of time, the church attracted hundreds of members. With this thousands of people associate with David and his teachings.


David Yonggi Cho Death

David Yonggi Cho Death is unexpected and terrible for his well-wishers. He left his legacy at the age of 85 years. Our team searches for the cause of death but fail to collect any information. There is no official statement turned up in the public or social media that clears the circumstances around his death.

“David Yonggi Cho (born 14 February 1936 as Paul Yungi Cho) is a South Korean Christian minister. he is cofounder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God), the world’s largest congregation, with the membership of 830,000 (as of 2007) Rest well sir (died 14th Sept 2021)”

David Yonggi’s family has not disclosed obituary details so far. They are deeply broken by the death of their loving family member. People on the Facebook, shares RIP messages with heavy hearts. From these heart-touching messages, one can predict the popularity of the legendary David among the general public of South Korea. With the social media users, so many Church leaders also mourn his death. From his simple lifestyle, one can learn a lot. Maybe physically he went too far but his worship at the churches will always keep him alive in the heart of his followers.

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Peter Mortlock reacted to the death on Facebook “Over the past 40 years I have had the honor of meeting in person some awesome men and woman of God around the earth. Many, like Reinhard Bonke who have passed on. Today in the passing of Dr David Yonggi Cho, we thank God that he was one of those people who we had the privilege to have meet and converse with. Having the largest church in the world in his day, over 900,000 people in Korea, Dr Cho inspired the church throughout the world to dream big.”

“He was not a big man in the natural in fact, of smaller stature but a giant in the Kingdom of God and in the Spirit realm. Bev and I honor Dr Cho for the influence and impact he has made to our lives and to the life of our church. Our prayers and blessings are with his natural and spiritual family in Korea and around the world.” He continued.

“It’s with sadness to hear that the founder of the world’s largest church, Dr. David Yonggi Cho has gone home to be with the Lord. His amazing impact in the world will always be remembered and legacy lives on. My prayers goes out to his family and the church.”

“Greatly impacted by this wonderful person named Dr David Yonggi Cho, an exemplary leader, influential prayer warrior and a father to many. Many times God spoke to me through his prayer life, sermons, testimonies and the passion He carries Red heart he’s crowned with Glory of Jesus”

“My condolences to the surviving family & congregation of Dr David Yonggi Cho, who just went home to the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful for your life, ministry, testimonies that also blessed me in my spiritual walk. The God of peace & comfort be with you.Crying face❤Folded hands”

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