Another Shocking news has been surfacing all over the internet and social media. Recently our team get the news that a famous video producer named Girlslovetrey has died recently. Girlslovetrey Death news is widely shared on social media and no doubt that netizens were truly devastated because of losing a legendary video producer. Be on the article to get the complete story of Girls love trey Death and how did he die?


Who is Girlslovetrey?

The real name of Girlslovetrey is Trey. But he was popularly known by his nickname Girlslovetrey, our team is working on finding his full name.  His all social media account is running with his nickname. At this point, his Instagram account has more than 10k followers & his Twitter account has 1k+ followers. He Keeps his life private and that’s why he didn’t like social media too much.


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Girlslovertery was a passionate Video producer and popularly known as the genius behind Larry June’s most music videos. His great work and hard work make him an ideal for many other video producers. His sudden death makes the whole music industry upset. The team of Larry June is truly heartbroken because of losing a glowing star.


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Girlslovetrey actual age is not yet confirmed but some sources claimed that he was around 20 years. He recently celebrated his birthday on 22th june. He also shared birthday photo on instagram.


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Girlslovertery also works on the latest project of Larry June named Friday Activities.

Girlslovetrey Death

Popular American videographer Girlslovertery Death was confirmed via many sources. Many big celebrities and other videographers were paid tribute and to Girlslovetrey through social media and pass their condolence to his family. Our Deathmilitia team mourns for the peace of his soul and prays his soul gets a place in heaven. He will be always missed for his beautiful videography and passionate work.

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At this point, our team couldn’t found any source revealing Girlslovetrey Cause of Death. But we will make you an update if we found anything else late. 

On Twitter, one close friend of Girlslovetrey Wrote:

“I remember tha homie came thru, wanted to record and smoke… Man’s dropped his verse, hit tha white owls and knocked out….I knew this same kid on the bean bag would be making noise all these years later….doin big shit, inspiring tha city….rest in peace @GirlsLoveTrey”

Another Said: “Rip @GirlsLoveTrey, dude visuals were crisp af.. even showed love, followed me on here & everything.. the energy was always organic, dude videography was inspirational.. ion think nobody else gon shoot them vids for Larry like him smh”

Even Larry confirmed the news via his IG. The Orange Print singer posted a picture with Trey and wrote, “My brother for life… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sick. I Love you bro. TFM for life… miss you man.”.

Girlslovetrey went too soon, he was very young and have a lot to achieve but unfortunately, he left this world and left this dreams uncompleted.  Our team is working to collect more official statements, whenever we get anything, we will let this article update. 


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