Arrest news of a popular comedy YouTuber named Catreisa Johnson has been circulating on various social media networks for a while. Catreisa Johnson is a popular internet celebrity who has thousands of followers on her Social media handles. Some sources claiming that Catreisa has been caught by local police for the charge of elder abuse. We will learn more about her arrestment further in the article.

Who is Catreisa Johnson?

Catreisa Johnson is popular internet fame who is well famous among netizens for his comedy youtube videos. Recently he comes into social media trend when his arresting news starting becoming viral. Catreisa has around 250k followers on her Instagram account.

Johnson has explained her Youtube channel as a funny and comedy-related channel where she usually makes her own videos and such stuff. As the sources said, Catreisa is arrested by local police after the video of her engaged in the fighting surfaced.


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However, it is not the only time that Catreisa has been arrested or got caught being involved in unwanted and illegal matters. Even she was also arrested by police much time before this.

Catreisa Johnson Arrested

The news that Catreisa Johnson is caught and arrested by local police is true. She is in prison right now. Further investigation on her is going on. She was arrested for the charge of beating up an elderly person.

Her video of beating an elderly person first surfaced on Facebook. In the video, she is clearly visible beating up an old guy by sitting up on top of him.

There are many people standing around them but she was the only one who was beating the elderly person. This is something that cant be expected from such a popular social media fame. Her mugshot photo is also started to become viral on social media.

Catreisa johnson elder abuse

Comedian and social media personality Catreisa Johnson has been confirmed arrested on charged elder abuse. Her video is becoming viral on every social media and people were demanding justice for the old person. Doing such things is really shameful for such a popular social media star. On YouTube, she has a channel on her name and at this moment she has more than 10k followers there. 


Sources revealed that she is at 37. Since any professional details about her background are not available on the internet, we couldn’t gather any idea about her early age and childhood. Her mugshot image is also shared on Facebook. 



The shared mugshot photos also contain all other personal details about the woman.

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