Xavier Prather announced the news of his beloved brother Arrion Prather Death.  Xavier is a participant in the 23rd season of the reality show ‘Big Brother. He has a decent fan following on social media. After his post on the death of his loving family member, so many people share condolences and tributes. 

The cause of Xavier Prather brother is not revealed by any source yet. It is one of the major questions in the mind of the people as his brother is at a very small age.  We will talk more about him below in the post.

Who is Xavier brother Arrion Prather?

Arrion Prather born in  Kalamazoo, Michigan was 31 years old when he left this world. He died on April 17th, 2021 with some unknown cause. He was the big brother of Xavier Prather who is an American tv show contestant. Recently Xavier was in the Top 6 position of the Big Brother show. 

Arrion always supports him at every stage of life. Whether it is a difficult situation or pleasant Xavier received the company of his brother. The deep relation between both can be seen through the photos. Arrion Prather Death information was given by his brother with a heartwarming post on Instagram, that will surely shed your tears from readers’ eyes.

In his message, Xavier Prather said that he wanted to be a professional basketball in the future. And in his dream, his brother Arrion never shows back to him.

“April 17th, 2021. 11:44pm. I received the most devastating news I’ve gotten in my 26 years of life. I found out my big brother was gone. For the last 48 hours I’ve been trying to figure out why would my brother be taken from this world at 31 years old. This wasn’t supposed to happen. We still had so many more memories to make.” he wrote.


Arrion Prather Obituary 

Arrion Prather Obituary details are not available with us at the moment. The family member never explicitly unveil the obituary. Richard Prather wrote “I don’t know what to say. I have never felt a pain like this. The things I never got to tell you. Whenever I am alone I just cry. This is not supposed to happen. You will always be my first son. I Love you RIH Arrion (Big Boy) Jennings”


How did Xavier’s brother die?

The cause of death is not revealed by Xavier or any other family member yet in the public domain. As the age of Arrion at the time of death is just 31 years so this raises many questions related to the circumstances around his sudden and unexpected departure.


Our team is consistently searching for more details about the subject. And we believe very soon everything will be cleared.

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