A new trend is taking social media by storm. This time social media account name Yurikuroyanagi7 is all over the internet. The same has now become a collection of NSFW content.

People are talking about it everywhere and reacting to the videos. This is not the first time Yurikuroyanagi7 is trending, in past due to the NSFW and Onlyfan content it already surfaced many times. This time it is no different. We will share more details about the same in this blog. So keep reading to not miss a single update. 

Who is Yurikuroyanagi7 on Twitter?

Yurikuroyanagi7 is a social media influencer gaining much attention recently. The Twitter account has thousands of followers.

The account uploads multiple NSFW videos of the King Quran & Queen Cheryl. You can find it feed full of these kinds of material. And this is how the account has gained massive popularity in the blink of an eye. Internet netizens are surprised by the quick spreading of videos and increasing dominance of the short private moments clips. 

You can watch multiple such videos and photos on Twitter as well as on Facebook. As of now, we can’t confirm any personal detail about the person behind the account.


It may be possible that the account is fake. Made by someone only to get popularity on social media. But we are regularly checking for further information and will update you on new leads. 

Yurikuroyanagi7 Video

The Yurikuroyanagi7 Video is seen thousands of times. There are hundreds of reaction messages on the same. At present account have around 1400 followers.

The account was created in September 2021. In a short span, it has gained a massive name on Twitter. Even people started searching about him on google.

Following the release of King Quran & Queen Cheryl Scandal Video on the handle, it started gaining attention.  Many people criticize the video and reported too after watching the clip. 


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