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Ziayla Pizarro, New York Model was on the internet after she was confirmed as the cast in the second season of Euphoria. As the previous season of the show get a huge fan following, people are showing the internet in the cast of the further shows coming into the series. In this article, we are going to talk about her character in the show and some of her life facts. So make sure you keep reading till the end to not miss a single update. 

Who is Ziayla Pizarro?

She is a famous fashion model in New York Model Management. She is the best know for being a part of Euphoria (2019). Ziayla has worked with many elite brands such as Target and Spotify. Apart from this, she is also ranked up by the New York model magazine. Not much about her personal life is revealed by any source on the internet. Also, there is no Wikipedia page on the internet related to her. 


You can find her on Instagram where she has 19k followers at the time of writing this article. Fans are very excited to watch her in season 2 of Euphoria where she will be playing ht role of  Elliot’s cousin. 

As per her, Facebook handles she is currently in relation with Walker Townes.

Ziayla Pizarro Character In Euphoria Season 2

The fashion model is trending after her fans got to know about her character in the second season of Euphoria. Actually, she is playing newcomer Elliot’s cousin. She has also posted some scenes of the show on her social media handle to keep her fan community excited for the coming days.  Ziayla Pizarro is also seen very thrilled about the performances.  

Social media users have an excitement about her character. Many extend good wishes for her performance. “I’m not seeing enough talk about Elliot’s cousin on Euphoria, played by Ziayla Pizarro”


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