Yosanth Jegatheeswaran and Prasanthy Aruchunan young couple missing update:

Recently a couple named Yosanth Jegatheeswaran and Prasanthy Aruchunan was trending after they had been reported missing for a week now. Yosanth who is 29 years old last seen on Saturday. And the girl was last sighted on Sunday. The Toronto police have already started their investigation on the case. Although so far there is no clue has been founded to bring more clarity in the investigation. Stay with us to learn more about the couple and their suspicious missing. 

Who is Yosanth Jegatheeswaran?

Yosanth Jegatheeswaran is 29 years old from North York. According to the source, he is survived by his partner Prasanthy Aruchunan who is also in her late 20s. Both were making news headlines after their missing report to the police. They have last sighted on weekend then no one has any clue where both are gone. As per the information provided by the police department in the public domain, Yosanth is around 5 feet 11 inches tall has short black hair, beard, and brown eyes.

“Last Seen Saturday, January 15, 2022, @ 12:10 PM, in the Jane St & Trethewey Dr area. Driving a grey Toyota Camry with license plate CFMK 918. Believed to be with the missing woman, Prasanthy Aruchunan, 28,”

Apart her female counterpart is 5’1″ tall and 135 pounds in weight. She was last seen on Sunday after she too went missing like her husband.  


Yosanth Jegatheeswaran Missing With Prasanthy 

The missing of the young and happy couple is a matter of deep concern for the family members. As it is already more than a week when there is no clue related to them surfaced to the date. Many share sympathy with their parents on social media. And pray for their safe recovery very soon. But with each passing hour, family members of the couple are becoming more impatient. As per some reports, Yosanth was driving a  grey Toyota Camry with a red interior before his missing. The license plat of the same is confirmed as CFMK 918. 

Investigation Started By Toronto Police

Toronto police are already working hard to locate the Yosanth Jegatheeswaran as they believe both are together. But so far there is no proof related to their assumption came out. They have already disclosed the missing information with their social media accounts to get some help from the internet in finding the couple. 

Here is post by Toronto police department:


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