Recently a piece of news came out which stunned everyone. Aaron Singerman, entrepreneur and Recon1 founder Arrested following the decision by a US court judge. He was called on 22 November as court trial on the allegation of selling illegal products, anabolic steroids. Although there is no conviction about the same so far.  According to the sources, he was arrested over the drink and drive case. We will discuss everything in detail so keep reading till the end.

Aaron Singerman

Who is Aaron Singerman?

Aaron Singerman is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder of the popular sports supplement supplier organization Recon1. He also owns a gym in Florida. Aaron’s passion and hard work towards his work brought so much success on his way. People love his humble and motivated behavior. Talking about his personal stuff, Aaron studied at Ridgewood Preparatory School. He married Darielle Singerman. 

“For fellow bodybuilding fans – Dept of Justice says PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman face 13 years in prison, plead guilty (for putting steroids in supplements). ..It’s shitty because Aaron was a nice, smart guy Expressionless face my husband used to be friends with him.” one said. 

He was recently making news headlines after the federal fraud trial date came out on 22 November. The trial came out after three years of indictment by the federal grand jury in the U.S. the allegation was made that he sold thousands of dollars worth of illegal products secretly.

Recently he has a new opening of redcon1recovery. he wrote information his followers  “The grand opening of the @redcon1recovery was a HUGE success!

We are all very excited to have our first of many locations open for business.

If you are interested in opening a @redcon1gym or a @redcon1recovery (they can be together or separate), your opportunity is coming soon! Where do you think a good location would be?”

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Aaron Singerman Arrested

The shocking news of Aaron Singerman Arrested left everyone in disbelief. The charge under which he was taken into custody was drunk and drive. During this, he crashed and hit a boat that risk the life of the general public. No fatalities were reported on the site of the incident.  This causes worsen his allegations as he was already under the investigation of selling anabolic steroids.


Nick Balazs wrote “In my opinion Redcon1 is done with. Aaron Singerman has turned government informant and decided to rat on his friends to avoid jail time. I understand, he’s got a family he doesn’t want to go to jail. But he had 4 years to decide to do this. I’m personally done supporting them. They’ve done great things for people in the military and whatnot. But at this point, it’s impossible to trust Aaron with their formulations and their advertisements.”

No doubt this will all sum up and create big trouble for him. We will keep you updated with the latest happening in the context of Aaron. So kindly keep following our website.

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