The issue of parents’ concerns about the child is always extremely acute. Little people are one of the most vulnerable segments of the population. They are not strong enough to withstand many of life’s problems, so you need to teach your child to be careful and attentive and protect him as early as possible. Let’s look at some life safety rules that every child should know.


Don’t let other people’s cars near you

This is a fairly popular thesis among parents. Almost every person knows from childhood that it is strictly forbidden to get into someone else’s car, and it’s great that children are aware of it. However, it is also important to talk with children about the fact that if he or she sees a slowly passing car next to him, or slowly moving behind him, and at this moment the passenger is trying to distract him. Therefore, it is necessary not only not to get into someone else’s car, but not to let it get close to you!

Speaking of “car safety”, it is also important to note the car traveling with a kid. A child is always safer in a car driven by a parent. This is especially true in places where public transport or traveling with someone else’s driver is a necessary measure. Therefore, if you are going on vacation with a child, it is important to carefully consider the means of transportation that you will use. For such cases, it is good to use cars for rent. Car rental services provide excellent conditions for family trips. How about to rent G class in Dubai for example? Cars for rent give not only a feeling of comfort and freedom, but also safety, because you are responsible for all family members in the car. As for the United Arab Emirates, the car rental option is very popular here, so you can easily find the perfect car for little money!

Don’t say your name

Parents often sign the child’s personal belongings so that in the event of a child’s loss, strangers and the child can easily recognize their own belongings. However, this is a strategic mistake if we are talking about the safety of the child. The name and surname are quite confidential information, it should not be shared with everyone in a row and definitely should not be flaunted. If an attacker knows the name of the child, it is much easier for him to manipulate him. In order to minimize the risk of irretrievable loss of the item, write your personal phone number on the sticker and attach it to the item, so you can easily be contacted personally.


Own password

A great idea for parents is to have their own password with children. So, if you ask a grandparent or friend to pick up a child from school, tell the child to ask him for a personal password. 


Tracking Apps

The most modern option of today’s sheet is the GPS sensor. In the modern world, there are many applications that allow you to track the location of the child. With it, you always know where your child is at the moment. Easy and extremely helpful!

It’s okay to scream

Learning good manners is definitely important. However, it is much more important to explain to the child that screaming in a bad situation and calling for help is vital! Explain to the baby that he can be “indecent” if someone grabbed him. In such terrible cases, the baby may yell, bite and push the person away to get attention from the outside. 


Keep the distance

The child must clearly understand what distance is and how important it is. He must understand that if a stranger comes close to him, the child urgently needs to move away. If he feels discomfort, let him not be afraid to run away or call for help.


Don’t meet friends from the internet

The Internet is a great opportunity to communicate and meet new people. However, there is another side of the coin – intruders posing as other people or small children. Every child should know that behind his Internet friend there can be a real maniac.


Remember: you are very responsible for this little cutie and his or her life!

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