One of the lead singer’s death has gone viral, she was one of a well-known artist. It was a tragic death, which was not expected,  she was the leading singer of the Lider Dance Musical group which has shared her death news. Her fans are mourning and they are feeling blue, we can see the wave of condolence on social media.

Who was Agnieszka Mazurek?

Netizens are posting his pics along with the emotional caption on social media. There are several tweets related to her death, people long to know what happened to her and what her death caused?  Many social media users are searching for her, it is a big loss to the family. Her family is broken-hearted and they are seeking some private time. She is being paid tribute by lots of famous personalities, who have come forward to pay homage. As we have mentioned earlier that she was the lead singer of the  Disco Polo Lider Dance musical group, Agnieszka Mazurek.

Unfortunately, she is no more among us, Marchin Madejski and Marcin Tomczyk have shared the news. Her fans can not believe her death news, we can see many heart-touching tweets. She had a normal trio musical group with Marcin Tomczyk and Marcin Madejski. Her band was officially based in the year 2004, she has earned a huge name and fame in her career in the group. In the past, the Lider Dance group has launched plenty of hits up to now.

Agnieszka Mazurek Death Cause 

Some of the most famous songs are Zaczaralas Me, and many more. She was one of the successful stars, she has not launched many albums. Her exact date of birth is not available, she was not so old. As far as we know she was between the age of 35 to 40 years old. Before her death she was not so active on her social media sites, she has not posted here many details on Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Tons of users are seeking Agnieszka Mazurek’s death cause, how did she die. We are trying to find out more info because so far there is no official site that has published the reason behind her death. We are waiting for further information, as soon as we find more updates we will update the post. We express our deep condolence to the family, may her soul rest in peace, and she will be missed by her fans in the form of her songs.

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