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Aj Raval, a popular Manila Philippines actress was trending on social media. The reason behind the same can be attributed to her new movie ‘Hugas’. She was seen in the acting bold scene in the movie. Due to this, she became a matter of discussion everywhere on the internet. Internet netizens are seeking her personal and professional life information to know more about the actress’s background. If you too wanted to explore everything about the famous actress then keep reading the article. Follow

Who is Aj Raval?

Aj Raval is a popular actress and well known for her bold scene in the industry. She was born on 30 September 1995 in Manila Philippines. This makes her 26 years now. At this young age, she has achieved so much in her life with entertaining masses. Aj also worked on her Youtube channel and not to forget being a social media influencer. We can’t confirm her exact net worth as there is no trusted figure on the internet. 


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Raval’s interest in the acting industry can be linked to her father, Jeric Raval who was also a famous actor at a time. Wikipedia is yet to feature her on the website. You can find her on different social media platforms. Like Instagram where she is on the verge to hit a  million followers. Her mass followers and fan base is live proof of her popularity among the people. Apart from this, She also uploads gaming content on her Facebook page. 

Aj Raval In Sean De Guzman Hugas Car Scene Viral Video

Aj Raval was making news headlines after her role was revealed in the new movie name ‘Hugas’. She steals everyone’s attention for performing a bold and hot scene with Sean de Guzman in Jugad. No doubt this all makes her more popular and increases her fan base many folds. The film was directed by Roman Perez, jr. In the film ‘Hugas’ she can be seen performing the role of Liezel. In her opposite Sean de Guzman as Al. Everyone seems to be excited about the movie including Aj Raval. She posted about the same on her social media handle to keep her followers excited and on the board. 

Aj Raval ph

Her recent scene with Sean De Guzman Hugas Car is getting viral on social media. People have circulated the clips and images all over the internet making it more trending. Many of her followers extend well wishes for the movie rock performance. At the same time, there are some who criticize her for the inappropriate role she is playing. some of them compare her movie with the illicit content on the internet. One wrote, “I don’t hate AJ RAVAL, her movies just need a story, at this point, she is just doing p**n.”



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