A Hawaii teacher name Alden Bunag is recently trending on social media after he got exposed. Alden was alleged with sharing pornography content with his fellow teacher on the messenger app. There were also revelations that he has a sexual encounter with a former student at that time when the student was just 13.

 Alden Bunag

If you ask about the current status, then Alden is under the detention of the local police. He was arrested shortly after the messages got tracked. We will share more information about the same so stay with us. 

Who is Alden Bunag?

Alden Bunag is Hawaii based teacher who used to teach in a school. Not much information about his personal life is available online. He has kept his details secret from the public domain. We do find a Twitter account with his name but there is nothing useful available on that too. From social media, we get to know that he was working as a Socialist high school teacher for many years.

Recently Alden got arrested following the charge of sharing pornographic material on a messenger app. He exchanged hundreds of these kinds of messages with his fellow teacher. We don’t know anything about the teacher with whom he shared all this stuff. 

Alden Bunag Arrested 

The information of Alden Bunag getting arrested was confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. Alden was confirmed to have sexual intercourse with the former student. The leads confirm there were many times when the same occurred. But every time he went out of notice and remain There were also some rumors that confirm he recorded the incident and shared the video with his fellow teacher and friends.

There were hundreds of messages exchanged between them. Now the police have already gained the access to the chat and media files exchanged between them. Police have arrested Alden following the same. We will confirm further details on this when there are more leads to share. 

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