Nowadays’ Cathrine Mamelok wife of internet sensation MP James Brokenshire who recently died due to cancer is on social media trend. Just after the Confirmed Death news of James Brokenshire, a Huge number of people were looking for who is his wife?  In this article, we learn more about Cathrine Mamelok.

Who is James Brokenshire Wife?

Unfortunately, MP James Brokenshire has recently left this world and his wife heartbroken on this planet. MP James Brokenshire’s death news is circulating on social media at a quick pace. and as this news is becoming more and more popular, people were also looking for details of his wife Cathrine Mamelok. 

Who is Cathrine Mamelok?

At the age of 53, the Conservative MP and former cabinet minister have died and left his family alone and heartbroken. He was a British politician who served as a Member of the State for Security at the Home Office from 2002 to 2021. He earned great respect in the political field for more than a decade. Such a loyal politician will always be remembered for his great work. 

 James Brokenshire Wife Cathrine Mamelok

Catherine Mamelok is a Jewish woman whose full name is  Cathrine Anne Mamelok. The couple got married in 1999 and had two daughters and a son. Catherine Mamelok details is rarely available on the internet. As per other sources, her grandfather was taken to a horrific Nazi prison along with 963 others and was detained for 16 days. 

Their 16 years old daughter looked into records from Breslau Synagogue and confirmed that Cathy’s grandfather Artur was in prison with his son. In addition, James said that Artur was lucky enough to have come out of prison and have a life, which is also the reason he has his wife and kids. 

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