Tommy Norman is a famous internet personality who has been long associated with North Little Rock Police Department. He also has a Wikipedia page where you can learn more about him. Recently he shared some pictures of his Daughter on Social media and confirmed that she passed away. When the Passing news of Alyssa Norman comes on Social media, thousands of netizens start praying and sending him tribute.

Alyssa Norman

Tommy Norman Wrote on Twitter:

Today has been the most painful day of my life. My beautiful daughter Alyssa “daddy’s girl” is gone. She passed away this morning. I come to you tonight asking that you pray for me & my family. This is extremely devastating for all of us. We appreciate you.

Alyssa Norman

 Who is Alyssa Norman?

Alyssa Norman was famously known for being the daughter of Tommy Norman. Alyssa also has a sister named Mitchell, according to Little Rock Family’s website. According to the biography website, Alyssa was aged between 25-26 at the time of her death. Alyssa’s Social Media claims that she had more than 2 years of experience in the real estate market. Through checking out her Twitter profile, We also found that she had a baby son.

Officer Tommy Norman Daughter Death

Alyssa’s passing news is confirmed by her father Tommy Norman who shared a photo of her daughter on their Social media with the caption claiming her Daughter is no more. However, we don’t find any clue about how Alyssa dies. Tommy beloved’s daughter’s sudden Death brokes the hearts of many. Such a young and beautiful girl’s death is really painful for any father. We pray for the Peace of her soul. 

Alyssa Norman Arkansas, Missing

Young & Beautiful, 26 years old Alyssa left this world on November, 17. Her demise is circulating on the internet and thousands of netizens were passing condolence to her father Tommy Norman. Some Sources were claiming that Alyssa Got missing before her death. However, we did not find anything about this yet. Our team is working on collecting more information. 


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