Recently the death of American Guns reality star Kurt Wyatt was announced by his stepfather Rich Wyatt on the social networking site Facebook.  Shortly after the news broke out in public, it spread like wildfire.  So many mourn at the news and many share tributes. Still, the Kurt Wyatt cause of death is not revealed by any of the family members. In this post, his stepfather did not talk about the situation around the death of Kurt Wyatt. We share our deepest condolence with the family of Kurt. And pray that this difficult time passes soon.

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Shawn Parker wrote after hearing the news: “It was great to see him on your show. I really enjoyed getting to know your family through your show. This is a surprise to me. I’m so sorry for your loss “Rich Wyatt – American Guns” I will definitely keep you and your family in my prayers.”

“I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine the pain from losing a child and such a special person. My deepest condolences to you and your family. May god get you these tough times. You are all in my prayers.” Wrote Someone

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American Guns Star Kurt Wyatt

Kurt Wyatt Death

Rich Wyatt recently announced the death of his son and well-known American guns star Kurt Wyatt’s demise. With the help of a Facebook post, he announced his son’s death. After few hours his social media account outpour with RIP and mourning messages. Here is what Rich Wyatt said:

“On February 05, 2021 we lost our son Kurt Wyatt. I have lost many people in my life and it seems like more and more as time goes on. But this one hurts and it just won’t stop. This has been the only time in my life I had know idea what to do. There were so many things we had planned to do and I never thought it would be him that left first.

I have two good friends that lost a child and I failed them at the time because I had no idea how much of a hole this puts in you. If you have anyone in your life that has lost a child go help them. And get the things you want to do with your kids done. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.
Please pray for my family it is so hard on them. After all, I did and now this is too much.
Kurt was so special. He brought joy to all that knew him. He was far more talented than most. I was always amazed at the things he could do. It’s so hard to do things now that I did, without him. I’ll see you in heaven”
In reaction to the death announcement by Rich Wyatt, someone replied: “My heart was broken when I heard the news. He was such a nice and very talented young man. I am so sorry for your loss. My family is sending you and your family thoughts and prayers. Just know that you will see him again in heaven. “
“Man, he had such talent and was awesome in the store. So sorry to hear this. Keeping you and your whole family in my prayers.”
“Im so sorry to hear this. I was a big fan of the show, and was really impressed with Kurt’s skill. You and the rest of your family are in my prayers.”

Kurt Wyatt Obituary

Our sympathy goes with the family, friends, and other relatives of Kurt Wyatt. He was talented and industrious. A lot of people were impressed with his skills. May his soul rest in peace.

“I’m sorry for your loss Rich. My wife of 20 years passed away in April, those that have never lost a spouse don’t understand, it’s different than losing a parent, it’s the worst pain imaginable. While I’ve never lost a child, I do know you’re hurting badly. God bless”

Kurt Wyatt Cause of Death

So far we are unable to get any clue that clarifies the cause of Kurt Wyatt death. Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates. 

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