Recently a video went viral on the internet where two teenage cousins have lost their lives. As per the report we got to know both of them live on Instagram and they were having fun. There was a girl whose name is Paris she was 12 years old and another boy her cousin’s brother whose name was Kauron he was 14 years old. Both of them were playing and there was a gun with them with which both of them were playing and all of sudden accidentally she shoots her cousin and he died on the spot.

Arme Cousin Twitter Video

After that in the live video, we saw the girl also shoot herself now the clip is getting war and many people are searching for Arme Cousin’s Twitter Video. People are continuously finding the video on Reddit and Twitter as you know these days many videos are coming out in the public which is getting viral day by day and it has been one of them which is getting lots of attention. People are showing lots of interest now here we have brought all the details investigation has also taken place which is going on. The family is completely devastated many people are expressing their continents on social media.

It is a matter of discussion, there were many tweets, and tons of people are feeling blue. It has been sad news.  For some of days, this news has been hitting the headline of the news.  We have seen there are lots of websites, which have published this news and coming in the top stories. All the Twitter accounts, which have posted the video, went viral. Arme Cousin’s Twitter account has been one of them, that is why people are searching Arme Cousin’s Twitter Video.

It is a hard time for the whole family they have lost 2 innocent souls no one has thought this would happen people are feeling blue the live video of Instagram is getting viral mainly people are sharing it and they are reacting over the video. After she killed her brother’s cousin she also shot herself and committed suicide the case has been charged with murder. And So far there is not much information about their personal life. We will let you know the latest updates very soon, we Express our deepest condolence interview to the family may their soul rest in peace.

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