This time saddening news came out from Houston, Texas. The news is about a resident name Arturo Garcia who lost his life in a fatal accident. The vehicle crash was too fatal that caused serious injuries. Later when he has admitted to the hospital pronounced dead. Our team shares deep condolence with the family members of the victim. We pray his soul rest in peace.

Who Was Arturo Garcia Houston TX?

Arturo Garcia was a resident of Houston, Texas. He was recently trending on the internet after he indulged in a major vehicle crash. The collisions between the vehicle lead to serious injuries. Some reports on the internet claim he died at the moment. The matter is under the investigation of the local police. Very soon more information will come out in the relation to the story.

Arturo’s personal information is not available to us at the moment. We are consistently searching for his personal stuff to update here.

So far family did not reveal anything about his obituary in the public yet. We will notify you once they do so.

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Arturo Garcia Houston Accident

Every year so many people lost their lives not only in Texas but all over the world. Now Arturo Garcia name is also included in the list of innocent people who lost lives.

And the problem is unfolding with speed in recent years due to the abnormal speed of the vehicles. The result of the accident impacts the lives of individuals as well as families. According to one source, “In 2019, Texas had 439,388 motor vehicle crashes, and 256,338 people were hurt. There were 12,897 serious injury crashes, which caused 15,843 people severe harm. “

The same sources further clarify that there is a crash every 56 seconds in the year 2019 itself. We pray for all those who lost their lives in the fatal accident and meet the tragic ends of their beautiful life.

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