Brian Landry, the prime suspect in the missing case of his fiance Gabby Petito, again trending from the past few hours after some remaining of the body was found in the Carlton Reserve. In the reports circulated over the internet, it was claimed the body remains were of brian.  There are also some rumors of Brian Landry hanging himself but so far there is no authentic source in relation to the same. We will discuss everything in detail further in this blog. so keep patient to get the answer to your every question.

Who is Brian Landry?

Brian Landry was 23 years old guy who went missing on 17 September. He was in relation to Gaby Pettito and they both were certainly going to marry after some time. Gaby, 22, was also missing before the official missing announcement of Brian. Sources confirmed that she has had no contact since 11 September. Later on, on 19 September Grand Teton National Park was the place where a youtube founded Gaby dead. The news was confirmed by the FBI itself.

Brian Landry

Brian Landry Found Dead

There are no authentic reports confirming the news of Brian Landry found dead. But there are some remains found with his backpack. The location where it was founded is the national forest. As the body remains were found with Brian’s belonging that’s why it was possible the remains were of him. Which will be clear very soon after the result of the forensic report came out. Hence concluding anything now would be so early.

Wade Sours wrote “Breaking news I think they found Brian Landry’s body in the Carlson reserve. His parents were there this morning. And the medical examiners on its way there’s FBI trucks and everything after near a little bridge over the past thing they’ve got there. I could see from the helicopter they had the sheriff Stephanie’s talking on the phone. I don’t think they released anything yet”


Human remains found next to Brian Laundrie’s belongings

Brian Landry Death

As we mentioned the Brian Landry suicide information is just a fallacy nothing more. There are some reports on the internet claiming 23 years old died of hanging on the tree. But when we checked the sources behind them we found nothing trustable. We will keep you updated if anything new came out in the matter.

How did Brian Landry die?

There are so many people asking about HIs Cause of Death but for all those we wanted to clear, there is no official statement of his passing released by authorities so far. We will very soon come back with more data to share with you on this platform.

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