Ase Wang is unfortunately passed away, it is the saddest news as of now. People can not believe this, we are trying to find out more info related to her. The shocking news was made by VICE World news,  as far as we know in Singapur women are not allowed to freeze their eggs unless they are in a medical condition. 

And in other countries such as the Philippines women can not freeze their eggs until they are married. Recently the host named Natashya Gutierrez has talked to women who freeze their eggs and find it hard, restrictive, and expensive for women, who want to delay pregnancy.

Who is Ase Wang?

We are supposed to talk about the Wangs’s love story, which is catching a lot of attention and people are enjoying it on the internet. Her fiance who was American-born, Thailand based a Chinese entrepreneur. His name is Jon Lor, Ase Wang has shared her love story with the media, and she and Jon who is 38 years old. Both of them met each other first time or we can say six years ago with a mutual friend.

You might know both of them as even good neighbors at that point, however, she has realized that she has a feel for him. Before that she was in a relationship with another man, it was an unhealthy relationship of nine months. She has not disclosed his name but he was a singer, we got to know his name was Thai Rock Star.

After some time she decided to meet them, she met him in the bar. Both of them have fallen in love, this is how the couple has started their relationship. She expressed her feelings to her, she was nervous at the time.

Ase Wang

Actress Ase Wang is Dead

Talking about Jon then he has been in a relationship in his past, Ase Wang was the first woman who came into his life. Both of them are being searched a lot, netizens are showing interest to discover about their lifestyle. Do they want to know who is Ase Wang?

But so far there is not much info or any official site which can reveal all the info about her, we are exploring more, and we hope we will find out soon. If you want to get more latest updates then stay on the site Deathmilitia. We will be right back with the news post on the same page

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