Recently many news related to arrest is becoming viral on social media, and a new name is joined that News List. I’m talking about Aussie Cossack who has been in news because of his arrest news. On the 8th of October, he was arrested following a police raid at his home, where they were looking for illegal formulations in his policy and the work patterns. We will learn more about him in the article below.

Who is Aussie Cossack?

Simeon Boikov a.k.a Aussie Cossack has recently come on-trend when he has been arrested for the charge of breaching safety restrictions. He was not only detained but his home was also raided by the police. His arrest news is trending on social media and hundreds of people were showing their thoughts on this.

Simeon Boikov a.k.a is a famous YouTuber who has around 100k plus subscribers on his youtube channel. besides youtube, he also has a Twitter account with more than a thousand subsriber.  Some of the people have even referred to him as ‘Sydney’s favorite anti-lockdown commentator.’

Aussie Cossack

Recently his wife has also uploaded a video titled ‘My Husband has been arrested!’ on his YouTube channel. She has also claimed that Simeon has been prevented from getting everyday assistance.

People have shown their support through different social media platforms. They have commented on the YouTube video and shared their views on other social media platforms.

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Aussie Cossack Arrested

Aussie Cossack’s arrest news is a shock for his family members, friends, and every subscriber. Numerous news websites have already covered this topic but most of them are spreading rumors instead of showing the reality. Prior to being arrested on October 8, he had been previously questioned for the acquisition of illegals weapons.


A Facebook Page named Open your mind Australia wrote on Facebook:

“A knock on the door in the middle of the night. They’ve arrested the Aussie Cossack in front of his family, and taken him from his home, physically search him, put him in a back of a paddy-wagon in front on his neighbours.

What sort of police state is this ?
The Aussie Cossack has been arrested for not wearing a mask when outside exercising, but not vigorously enough.
Let’s see what bail conditions they try and stitch him up with. I’ll have a bet bail conditions will be used as a tool to try and silence him.
It also shows how dumb they really are, for all this will do is make the Aussie Cossack into a legend, and triple his following – CK”
Some internet users has also shared that:
“LIVE: Released from Police Custody Aussie Cossack has been released from Police custody and will be making a statement, analysing the Police intimidation tactics. Post your questions to the Aussie Cossack in the comments section.”

The investigation is going on and we will upload more on his very soon on this article.

Who is Aussie Cossack Wife Ekaterina Biokova?

When the news of  Youtuber Aussie Cossack comes in front of the public, people start searching for who is Aussie Cossack’s wife? Our team has found some details related to couples. The couple has been together for a long time.

Moreover, the married couple is very supportive of each other. Both Simeon and Ekaterina have been together in their good times and bad times.

In fact, Ekaterina has uploaded a video on YouTube regarding Simeon’s arrest. You can find the video on the YouTube channel of ‘Aussie Cossack’.

Very little information is available on the internet related to Aussie Cossack’s wife. 


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