In this blog, you will discover the personal and professional life of Michael Rapp, one of the oldest performers of Chippendales, a touring dance troupe best known for its male striptease performances active since 1979. Later we will also talk about some latest news in relation to Michael Rapp. so keep reading till the end to not miss a single piece of information.

Who is Michael Rapp?

Michael Rapp is a popular actor best known for working in the movies like Muscle Motion (1983), Tall, Dark and Handsome (1987), and The Shape of Things (1982). His name is well remembered for being a part of Chippendales since its inception. For your kind information, Chippendales is a touring group of dancers who performs a male striptease.  

The style of the dancers is also very unique as they were performing bare torso with bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs. It was originated in 1979 and a few years later it become one of the famous sources of entertainment for the audience especially for the female audiences. It was mainly active in different areas of New York City Los Angeles Las Vegas.

Where Michael Rapp Chippendales Now?

There are some rumors on the social media spaces claiming Michael Rapp Death. But there is no official information about the same that came out in the public domain so far which means this is just a  fallacy nothing more.

Michael Rapp is survived by his wife Yolanda and currently staying in Scottsdale, Arizona. Some sources claim that nowadays he was working as a fitness trainer.


“Back in the 1980s, Chippendales took the United States by storm. Women flocked to clubs to hoot and holler at the shirtless hunks with bowties gyrating and dancing. Chippendales became a pop culture phenomenon and was famously satirized by Chris Farley on “Saturday Night Live” with Patrick Swayze. So where are the original Chippendales now? Inside Edition caught up with the guys, who are 60 years old, sexy, and still shirtless.”

Original Chippendales dancers

If you ask about the original Chippendales Dancer then Michael Rapp, John Bernard Richardson, Dean Mammales, Scott Marlowe, and Jonathan Hagan names came into the picture. They are the ones who expand Chippendales a lot in the different areas of New York City. During the 1980s they all have a huge fan following for the amazing entertainment they provided to the audience.

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