A teacher of Jurupa Hills High School is recently comes in huge searches when his arrestment News starts becoming viral on Social Media. Jurupa Hills High School teacher Albert Martin was arrested on October 6, 2021, with charged having touched two students inappropriately. We will learn more about the case in the article below.

Who is Albert Martin, Jurupa Hills High School’s Teacher?

Albert Martin is a teacher at Jurupa Hills High School who has been facing charges for his inappropriate touching, possession of child pornography, and sexual acts. He is under arrest since Wednesday. Jurupa Hills High School has since canceled his teaching contract, and all his teaching records have been abeyance since then. This is another shameful act performed by a teacher. The news is viral all over social media and parents were really upset because of this incident. 

More on Albert Martin Wikipedia, he is 55 years old teacher from the Fontana region. Such kind of shameful incident event can never be expected from such an old teacher. Being a teacher is a responsible duty that needs discipline, courage, and the most important behavior. But such kinds of news affect the standard of the whole teaching community. According to Wikipedia, every 8 out of 10 students face sexual harassment in schools.

Albert Martin Arrested

After the news of Central York School Teacher Chad Gerrick who is also arrested recently, another News of a teacher being arrested is in front of us. Sources revealed that Albert Martin is facing charges after touching two of his students in sexually inappropriate ways and passing nasty comments on them.

He has been teaching for the past 17 years with Fofana schools and colleges. He earned great respect in the teaching industry but unfortunately, all his respect is now gone. He recently joins Jurupa Hills High School where he was arrested. He was, since the investigation, in abeyance, with an official leave from the school administration.


Albert laid his hands on two of his students in class and then expressed sexual comments on them, which were unethical for any teacher to do.

The complaint was filed, and the police investigation was started against Albert, who was later arrested. The teacher was arrested in his Ranco Cucamonga on Wednesday, and a bail charge of $575000 has been placed on him. Albert is designated to appear in court for his trials on October 13, 2021. He has been charged with sexual harassment and illegal child pornography possession.


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