With heavy condolence, Our DeathMilitia team is upset to announce that our World lost another legendary personality Author CM Owens recently. She was popularly known as the Author of the Famous Book Hooled On The Games. She was a great personality who has a unique style of writing. She has fans and followers all around the globe. People love his books and writing so much. Losing such a great personality is a pain of heart in which anyone can do nothing. The thing we can do is accepting the fact that Author CM Owens is no more with us. Be on the blog to get more about Author CM Owens Death, Wiki, Wife, and more.

Author CM Owens
Author CM Owens

CM Owens Death

The Death News of Author CM Owens was confirmed by one of his friends SM Shade through his Facebook post which he shared on Monday in which he declared that the prolific writer and author died on Saturday in a tragic incident.  In his shared post he Wrote:

“For someone who is supposed to be good with words, I don’t know what to say. My friend, C.M. Owens, passed away in a tragic incident Saturday. To say I’m heartbroken and she will be missed just doesn’t suffice.
CM is a large part of the reason I have the writing career I have today. She’s the reason I found my place in comedy and in this book world.

She didn’t know me at all and didn’t care that I was a newer author when she reached out to me to co-write. Because that was the type of person she was. Kind and daring and funny. She was so incredibly talented and a wonderful friend.

I’m thankful that I got to know her, honoured I got to write with her, and eternally grateful for all the help and kindness she showed me. – Please, keep her family in your hearts and thoughts. A memorial page has been set up where you can pay your respects. “

facebook post

CM Owens Cause of Death

CM Owens was a great author, she makes thousands of followers and supporters just from her books. She comes under the list of best authors. But no matter who you are and how popular you are, Death is the thing that cannot be declined. Because of her death, floods of tributes come on social media with a question of How did CM Owens die? or what is the Cause of the death of CM Owens.

As per the sources and reports, C.M. Owens comes in a tragic incident Saturday, Because of that tragic accident, she died from injuries she sustained from a head-on crash on Saturday, July 25, 2021. His Horrific Death of popular author C.M. Owens gives more pain to remember.

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CM Owens Wiki

Sources revealed that she was born in 1984, C.M. Owens has been one of the USA Today Bestselling author with many different types of romances in her works.  From paranormal to wild and crazy wilderness tales, there’s a little bit of something for everyone who wants a fun twist on love.

C.M. Owens was a great author who has an interest in several genres ranging from sweet and wholesome to downright dark and perverted, motorcycle gangs to wild country bookies, paranormal fantasy to immortal deadly beauties.

She mastered this art through her various pan names which include Kristy Cunning for Reverse Harem and S. T. Abby for darker, violet themed books. Due to her great work, she builds an empire of millions of followers on her social media profiles.


Our Deeply condolence is with the C.M. Owens family who loses a great soul. No doubt that she will be missed by everyone who knows her. Here are some tribute floods from social media:

RIA Said: “My thoughts and prayers go out to C.M Owens (S.T Abby) and family…  you are an amazing writer. I am extremely grateful to have read your books.

Kat Wrote: “Sad news in book world! #CMOwens She published under a few pen names—C.M. Owens, S.T. Abby, and Kristy Cunning.

Shit Pizza Said: “i’ve read one series from cm owens (under one of her pen names, kristy cunning) yet i already know the book world lost a very talented author. i can’t imagine the reverse harem world without the dark side series and i know she will keep on living through the works she left us ♡

TaSh Wrote: “Awfully sad to hear of the passing of CM Owens.  i loved her books.


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