Boda Boda Forest Road Video is getting viral on the web these days rapidly, its name is Boda Boda Forest Road Video. It seems that the video was shot at the forest road, as of now several netizens are going crazy to watch the video that is why they are bent on seeking this. Some are also seeking the link, we will be informing you about every single thing related to this. As far as we know this is the video of Irata Boda Boda riders, who are attacking a woman who is sitting in the car.

Boda Boda Forest Road Video

Boda Boda Forest Road Video

She was driving along the forest, and in the video, we can see some agitated guys who are attacking her, they are trying to undress the woman who was asking for help after she was caught in the matter by the guys. Some guys were saying that she should be removed from the car.  Online users are reacting over the video continuously and they are criticizing this, they want to know who are they in the video who is the woman Boda Boda in the forest video?

Netizens are sharing the video on the internet and other social media sites, users are saying that perpetrators should be arrested for this act. It was a shameful act in the video we can see that she is being tried to touch on the private part and some are taking her car’s key away from her. She is trying to stop them and calling for help. Who are Boda Boda guys? These are the guys who are known for being rough when any of them is hit by a motorist.

Two of them have been arrested and the vocal lawyer Wahome Thuku has said to Government that these guys should be banned from accessing the CBD. We can see several tweets and more, plenty of the bloggers aligned to the Azimio to the Azimio la Umoja argued that it is the result of the hustler-dynasty narrative caused by UDA.

Some are finding the link and they are trying to reach the video, we will you to find out. You can find the video on Twitter and Youtube where you can watch and give your rection. You can share your opinion in the comment section. For more latest updates stay connected with us on the same page.

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