Recently a piece of unverified information becoming viral on social media. The news revealed that talented South African singer and Kwaito legend, Bonginkosi Dlamini (Zola 7) Has passed away. This news becoming a fire on the surface of social media. As Zola is a popular internet singing personality, he has fans in around millions and such kind of sudden Death news is big enough for generating a flood of messages and posts on social media. Be on the blog to get the reality of Zola 7 Death or is Zola 7 alive or dead?

Zola 7 Death (Bonginkosi Zola Dlamini Death)

According to the News served on social media, Zola 7 isthe popular and talented South African singer and Kwaito legend has passed away in the mid-day of 26th July 2021. People are eagerly searching for the confirmation of his Death news around the web but this information is unclear for now. Zola 7 was a role model for many youngsters, his talent and hard works make him the popular guy for most South African people. His sudden death news makes the whole of South Africa upset and depressed. Youngsters who are also the supporter of Zola 7 is paying tribute and asking for the Confirmation of Zola 7 Death on social media. Here are some Tweets which people wrote for Bonginkosi Dlamini:

One Supporter Wrote: “I really hope #Zola7 is alright wherever he is. May he recover Β This can break my heart if perhaps it’s true”

Bonginkosi Dlamini Death News, Zola 7

One User wrote a beautiful line: “Uyililwe yakho indaba brother man! Influenced street culture and left a permanent mark in the lives of many Salute! #Zola7

Another Supporter of Zola Wrote: “May God & your Ancestors keep you strong through this difficult time Jama kaSjadu. Camagu. #Zola7

People are asking about Zola: “Is it true that Zola 7 has passed away? #Zola7

One User Said: “Lol So the Village People Killed Zola 7, They are so Capable of such shame. “

One Heart-melting line Said by one supporter: “God Protect Zola 7 at all cost #Zola7

Another one posted a video of Zola with the Caption: “I hope the news is not true #zola7

One Said: “Musani ukuphapha. Baffles me how people know that someone passed on even before the family knows or confirms anything,if it is true,let the family at least confirm the news first. #Zola7

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Another Say: “Argh fok, Why do you kill people before their time. Hulle is Ε„ bietjie drasties struu #Zola7

One Wrote: “Posting about something first doesn’t really make anyone more powerful. You see a notification and the first thing you want to do is post?! Nah, guys… #Zola7

Another Heart touching lines by one of Zola fans: “I was literally crying Jesus Am happy he is alive #zola7


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Zola 7 Cause of Death

As any official confirmation related to Zola 7 Death is not yet come in front of us for now. so we can accept that all this is nothing just a rumor about Zola 7 death.Β 

SA Singer Vukani also confirmed that Zola 7 is alive and that he spoke with him a while ago. β€œGuy’s Zola is fine sleeping at home, I just called him” – Vukani wrote on his Facebook status.Β 

zola 7

No doubt that Zola has been an ideal model to South Africans for years and he inspired the youngster to stand up to themselves and showcase their talents. His philanthropic work in uplifting communities and empowering the youth speaks for itself. That’s why he is so popular in the whole of South Africa.Β 

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