Popular South Korean Youtuber and internet sensation Boram Tube are trending on the internet after the rumors of her sudden passing shocked the entire fan following. For your kind information she six a years old Korean girl followed by millions of people for her entertaining videos on youtube. She got immense success on the platforms with the mass fan base. The rumors of her unfortunate demise created a buzz on social networking sites. We will discuss more boram tube vlog is dead or still alive, kasus boram meninggal . So keep reading till the end to not miss a single update.

Who was Boram Tube?

Boram Tube is south Korean 6 years old girl. She is a popular YouTuber and internet personality. She has two youtube channels combining the total subscribers would cross whooping 30millions subscribers. The channel name with BoramTue toy review where all the content mostly related to the children’s interest toys and their reviews. The other one Boram Tube Vlog is a vlog-related posting in which the day-to-day activity of 6 years old Boram is shooted and published for entertainment purposes. No doubt at this age she has achieved so much in her life which remains a dream for many. Although the exact net revenue generated remains uncertain but there are some rumors claiming her monthly income crosses millions of dollars. 

Boram Death Day

Shocking rumors broke out on the internet claiming Boram Tube Dead. As she has millions of fans following all over the world her sudden passing news created a buzz on the internet. The rumors circulating all our platforms did not specify much in detail. Due to a lack of trusted leads, it is very difficult to believe any of those rumors. Also, her family members have not confirmed anything on boram tube death day. Our team is investigating more and trying its best to gain further knowledge of the subject. 


Boram tube vlog is dead or still alive

As mentioned above we can’t jump to any conclusion it may be possible that her death reports are just a fallacy nothing more but without any stringent proof, it would be too early to validate. So we can’t answer whether Boram tube vlog is dead or still alive. For now, we can just hope that these rumors are just a fallacy nothing more. We will keep you updated with the latest news so stay connected with Deathmilitia.com. 

kasus boram meninggal

Hearing the death news of Boram Tube many of her fan following seems staggered and bewildered. A person with the name Shine wrote “Is Boram tube case a hoax? There’s no trusted source, or news just a bunch of Tiktok videos. And the channel uploaded 2 days ago??? If this wasn’t true, who to make the rumor is sick🙄” 

Another said “Is boram tube vlog really dead? Search on Google and there’s no official article that said it. But this case seems going so viral on TikTok… But I think not even kmedia reports abt this hmmm.

If it’s really true then I’m so sorry for her loss and it seems weird how there’s no official confirmation or article for her justice”

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