Do you know where is Ronan Stanley? The man has been reported missing from the Gorttnahoe. Many netizens are confused about that is he dead or alive, if you are one of them then do come along with us we will clear every doubt related to Ronan Stanley. We want to tell all the readers that Ronan has been reported missing, he is from the village in the Republic of Ireland which is located 6 kilometers south of Urlingfrod, country Kilkenny, on the R689 regional route.

Who is Ronan Stanley? 

The missing man has been identified as Ronan Stanley, before a couple of days he went viral. Netizens are showing a good amount of interest to know about him, they want to know who is Ronan Stanley? he has an average height and frame. Talking about more features such as he has brown eyes and short gray hair. Last time he was seen in a dark blue jacket, slacks, brown shoes, and a wool cap. His missing news is spreading on the internet and the contact number has been issued to inform the authorities. If you see the person, you may contact the local police department or phone number 050425100.

There are so many rumors on the internet, some sources are claiming that he is dead. Netizens are in the fog that he is alive and dead. As far as we know Ronan’s death news has been confirmed by Gortnahoe Glengoole. It is a football club in Mid-Tipperary where he used to work. As per recent updates, the club has posted a pic of him along with the caption after that people are shocked they want to know what happened to him and what is Ronan’s death caused. Do you want to know how did he die?

Ronan Stanley Alive and Dead

As soon as his known came to know that he has passed away, they started to pay him tribute on social media sites. We can see the flood of condolence, many of his relatives are paying him homage and expressing their feeling for him. Talking about his personal life he has not shared any details with us. His wife’s name is not known neither we come to know about his family. Police investigated a lot then did not find anything, and investigation is still going on. He has been going missing for a long time, as of now his family is completely devastated and they are mourning, we express our deep sympathy to the family, may his soul rest in peace. For more latest updates around the world keep reading this post we will be right back with the new post on the same site.

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