Popular New York pastor Dwayne Dawkins has been trending on the internet after the rumors of being gay and having a sexual relationship with a man broke out in the public domain. The rumors originated from the leaked video claiming him having a sexual relationship with a man. We will share more about the same further in this blog. So stay with the article till the end. 

Who is Pastor Dwayne Dawkins?

Dwayne Dawkins was born in New York City to a Christian family. Sources claimed that he started preaching only at the age of 14 years. He worked as a teacher in New York City public school for more than eight years. In addition, he used to play the role of adviser to the student body. Talking about his marriage life, he was survived by Mrs. Tamia Dawkins and three children.

You can meet him on Instagram where around 24k people follow him at present. Being a pastor of the church he played his duty very well throughout his life. People love him for his caring and humble nature. 


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Pastor Dwayne Dawkins Viral Video Reddit

Recently Pastor Dwayne Dawkins video created a buzz on the internet following the same-sensitivities clip viral on the different social media platforms. There are so many rumors circulating all over the internet claiming him gay. Although exactly there is no revelation from him or any other trusted source validating the rumors. Our team is collecting more information by contacting more leads. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events in relation to him. 

One said reacting to the reports “No matter what he should live his truth and quit hiding. The real shame is not that he is a pastor it is that he is married. Please release the woman to find someone who will love and respect their vows. Be single, do you? Pastor a church that is open N affirms your lifestyle. “

Dwayne Dawkins Leak

Following the Pastor Dwayne Dawkins video on Reddit and other social media platforms. there are so many reactions from his fan following. No doubt, As Dwayne has thousands of fans and followers the rumors surprised them all. No one has ever thought or heard something like this before about him. “For almost two weeks now the same-sensitivities video of married Pastor Dwayne Dawkins of Praise Tabernacle in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been making its rounds. Recently convo about it has hit the internet. He and his wife along with their boys live in Atlanta and will be forced to walk through this together as a family or separately as a family.” said Larry Reid Live. 


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