Recently our DeathMilitia team hear about the Death news of Jackie Chan’s favorite protege and the best action designer of this generation, Brad Allan. His death was a sudden shock to all internet users. Even his death was a devastating loss for all of us. Thousands or millions of people are paying tribute and passing condolence to his family on social media. here on this blog, we will talk more about Brad Allen Death, Cause of Death, Wiki, Stunts, and more.

Brad Allan Death

Brad Allen was an internet celebrity who has millions of fans on his social media profiles. He was a legendary personality who will be missed by millions of youth who respect him as their teacher. His death news was shared through Pete Lee on Saturday Morning. He posted a tweet in which he wrote:

“Just heard that Brad Allan – Jackie Chan’s favorite protege and the best action designer of this generation – has passed away at age 48. This dude was the bridge between old-school Hong Kong and where we are now. Truly a devastating loss.”

We pray that his soul gets a place in Heaven. Ryan Whitworth Missing

Brad Allen

Brad Allan Cause of Death

This sudden death of a 48-year-old legend was the worst event that happens today. His Death cause was still a mistery as any official confirmation related to Brad Allen cause of death is not yet come out. Our team is looking for the cause of his death and when we get it, we will update it here.

Brad Allen Wiki

Died Brad Allen was Jackie Chan’s favorite protege and the best action designer of this generation. He was just 48 years old and left this world. His Young age death is really heartbroken news for all of us. He was working as a bridge between old school Hong Kong and where we are now. As per the sources, He was Born as Bradley James Allan on 14 February 1973 in Melbourne, in Australia.

By profession, he was a great Australian martial artist, action choreographer, actor and stunt performer. Even He also worked in the Hong Kong film industry as a Jackie Chan Stunt Team member and now choreograph action scenes in Hollywood films.

Brad Allen


Below is a tweet video of Brad Allen stunts, this video clearly shows how professional and great he was in his passion. 


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Any official obituary for Brad Allan is not yet come out from the family or any other official source. People are showing their pain and paying tribute to Brad Allan through social media platforms. Here are some sweet heart-touching messages and tributes to popular Movie personality Brad Allan. 

RIP Brad Allen – This is really sad – I briefly worked with Brad, in a scene he was directing, just for a coupe of days, and he was just great.

I’m so sorry for your loss Alan! Sending my prayers condolences to to Brad Allen family and friends #RIPBradAllen

Brad Allen coordinador de dobles en ‘SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS’ ha fallecido a los 48 años.

I’m saddened to hear of Brad Allen‘s passing. “Who?” You might ask? He was Jackie Chan’s protégé and was a fantastic action director in his own right and brought that HK action aesthetic to many of your favourite Hollywood movies. We lost a great one.

Watched Brad Allen’s brilliant work in the movie I know him most for: Jackie Chan’s Gorgeous. To hear of his passing at the young age of 48 seems unreal. A sad day for the industry, thoughts go to his family and friends. Rest In Peace, Brad Allen.

Fuck this world….an old school friend and a pretty big deal in the action movie world Brad Allen has passed away. Loved walking home from school talking shit being his crash test dummy at times(the 1 inch punch is very real) he was a good dude. Condolences to his family

Just woke up to the news that WWE have released ANOTHER shitload of people, AND stuntman/marital artist/fight choreographer Brad Allen has died. I’m going back to sleep.

Martial artist/action choreographer/Stuntman Brad Allen passed away.  Rest in Peace good sir.  You will be missed. Brad Allen‘s final project Shang Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings will release on September 2021

a lot of us were introduced to Brad Allen as “that incredible guy Jackie Chan fights in Gorgeous who did Matrix shit without a wire” his passing is sudden and tragic–hopefully Shang-Chi maakes him look fantastic RIP Brad Allen, you left us far too early


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