We are heartbroken to announce the unexpected demise of Braden Markus, Olentangy High School student. He was active in so many sports activities like football, baseball, Wrestling, and more. The circumstances around his death are not revealed by family members so far. They are deeply shocked by the departure of their loving family member. Many took their social media accounts to mount and paid tributes to the boy. we will discuss more of him ahead in this blog.

Who Was Braden Markus?

Braden Markus is a sportsman from Olentangy High School.  He was Originally belongs to Lewis Center, OH. Braden played so many sports like Football, Wrestling, Baseball, and more. He did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. He was considered a sports enthusiast by so many people.

Braden Markus

If you ask about his personal stuff then for your kind information he was blessed to  Jared and Jen. You can find him on Twitter which he have joined in February 2020.

Braden Markus Death

Braden Markus Olentangy death was shocking news for his family and friends. No one has expected he would leave them all in this way. He was a very energetic man with so much positivity. Peoples love his company and enjoy all the moments spent together.   

Till now there is no information that came out in relation to the cause of death. Even no details of any health-related illness were reported in the past few weeks. our team is searching for more facts to clear all your doubts.


Braden Markus obituary

Olentangy High School administration or family members have not shared Braden Markus obituary details yet. We will announce it as soon as possible once the official notice came out.

“He had an immense gift in sports playing football, baseball, and wrestling. In addition to being a teammate to many, he was a friend to more with his kindness and energy. “

One said hearing the shocking news “My deepest sympathies go out to the Markus family. Braden was a great football player but an even greater kid. I had the privilege of coaching him. Braden always had the biggest smile on his face and put smiles on the people around him. He will be missed”

Social Media Reaction

our team shared deepest condolences with the family member of the late athlete. he will be remembered forever for his amazing performance on the field. May his soul rest in peace. In the context of Braden, a gofundme page is created to support the family member in this difficult time.

“On behalf of the Olentangy High School Community and Olentangy High Friends of Football organization I am collecting donations for the family of Braden Markus who passed away this morning.”

Jerome Athletics wrote reacted to the death “Braden died today in a tragic accident. I am friends with his father and coached football, basketball, and track with his grandfather. There are no words to describe the grief. Please support them during this difficult time. Deepest sympathy from us all !!!”

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