Caloy Soriano20’s Twitter handle is getting viral these days. You might be in the swim about him, we are supposed to talk about one of the popular online stars and Philipino TikTok star whose name is Jao Montilla. He is known for being one of the TikTok stars. His many leaked videos on Twitter are getting viral and they are being circulated on social media. Tons of netizens are sharing Jao’s viral videos on social media. On the other side, some are still looking for the link to the videos. If you want to watch then you can find the videos on Twitter under the Twitter handles @tophunter20. The user name is Supremo, where lots of intimate videos of the TikTok star have been posted.


Who is Caloy Soriano20 on Twitter?

Netizens are bent on visiting the Twitter handle they want to get more details about him. As we have told earlier that Jao Montilla is a famous Tiktok star from the Philippines, he is an emerging star, all the names, and fame he has earned huge online sites. Being a social media star, he is pretty active there and shares his latest updates with his fans. As far as we know, TikTok’s video won’t let him rise like a sun. He is losing his fan following after the following videos went viral because all the videos are intimate and they are not worth watching.

Who is Jao Montilla?

Via source, we found that he is just 21 years old a young star who has a decent fan following. He has joined the platform in March 2020. In a short period, he has gone as popular as other TikTok stars are. He has completed his graduation from the University of Perpetual Health System DALTA. The Filipino web star is being searched he is the talk of the town. He earns money through social media sites, he has more than 300K followers on his TikTok account. Joe Montilla’s twitter scandal is the headline of the news.

Many of the people are searching for who is Jao Montilla. So far there is no official handle that has posted any information about this. We are looking for further updates, his social handle has been suspended, his fans are reacting over this, he is losing all the fame day by day. If you want to get more latest updates to stay connected with us, we will be right back with the new post.

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