capslockfaren maguad siblings Dead Body Picture And Update On Sole Survivor Janice Sebial: Recently the Twitter account with the name Capslockfaren grabbed social media attention after being suspended. Reportedly the reason was said to violation of rules by sharing sensitive photos of Maguad Siblings dead body remains. You must be aware of the heinous crime that took place recently when 18 years old Crizzle Gwynn Maguad and her younger brother were beaten to death. The incident by planned by the perpetrator when no grown-up was present at home. The inhuman way through which siblings are beaten shows the level of frustration and anger against the Maguad family members. Keep reading to learn more about the Maguad Siblings Reddit. 

who were maguad siblings?

Crizzle Gwynn Maguad and her younger brother met a mysterious end at their home. Her younger brother was just two years younger than her. Both were killed at their home while the parents were not present. When the parents get to know about this, their world is shattered in seconds.

The relative, friends, and neighbors are also deeply shocked by the passing of Maguad Siblings. Althoug the investigation is already in the process but so far there is no disclosure over the suspects. The way through which both were beaten to dead left everyone on social media numb and silent. Now everyone on the internet demanding justice for the children.

John Kevin Avelino wrote on Facebook “Requesting everyone to pause for a moment of silence, as we pray for the fallen souls of the Maguad siblings who were brutally killed inside their home around 2 pm today.”

The photos and videos of the extremely damaged dead bodies of the children were circulating all over social media. And to stop this twitter started taking action and an account with the name Capslockfaren has already been suspended. 

Caps Lock Faren Dead Photo

The Filipinos and the family members requested everyone on the internet to abstain from sharing the viral images and clips of the dead bodies for the purpose of privacy and security. In the line of this, a Caps Lock Faren has been suspended by the Twitter team for circulating the dead bodies’ remains pictures which violates their policy. Many social media users share condolence messages to make the family members feel better after the horrifying incident. No doubt the unbearable pain from which they were going through going to take much time to over. 

One wrote reacting to the death news “My heart aches of what had happened to the Maguad Sibs. So inhumane, brutal, and immeasurably painful for the parents, loved ones, and even me, a stranger to think of. “

Update On Sole Survivor Janice Sebial

In this whole incident, a survivor who is confirmed as visiting cousin by the sources is lucky enough to save her from becoming the victim. She is Janice Sebial who is 17 years old. When she felt herself in danger she closed her in a locked room. And in this way, she was able to survive. Although she did not reveal much in the case. But the little information she has will definitely help the case.  Our team will keep you updated with our latest findings in the case. 

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