Recently social media spaces like Twitter Facebook is filled with Carlos Coy Death reports. If you are also believing these reports without any authentic base behind then you are wrong this time. As his daughter herself claims the reports spreading on the internet are just a fallacy. She has talk with him a few hours ago about the fake reports that came out in circulation. Carlos Coy who was imprisoned after impregnating a minor girl is still alive. Keep reading to discover more about him.

Rapper SPM

Who Is Carlos Coy?

Carlos Coy well remembered as South Park Mexican short form SPM was born on October 5, 1970. He was a rapper and songwriter by his profession. He was well known for being the founder of an independent record label, Dope House Records. He started his music career in 1994 and achieve public love and support with the period of time. But his one mistake caused him to ruin his career.

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“In 2002  SPM  was charged with sexual assault of minor 13 years old girl and imprisoned for 45 years of jail. “was arrested for abusing a nine-year-old girl in an incident that had occurred a year earlier, when the girl was a guest visiting his seven-year-old daughter. Another case was soon added when it was revealed that the rapper had impregnated a 13-year-old when he was 22 and never paid child support.”

“He was indicted in December of that year. In March 2002, more charges came. He was accused of sexual assault of two 14-year-old girls. In May 2002, the trial began. During the trial, the 9-year-old girl herself testified on the stand; the jurors found her “very credible,” according to prosecutor Lisa Andrews.”

Some sources claim in 2024 he might get parole on some condition.

Carlos Coy Dead 

No, Carlos Coy Death news is just a rumor nothing more. Our sources checked the base behind the reports claiming him dead. But we founded nothing relevant and authentic which validates their reports. The news spread on the internet like a wildfire after some netizens mourn his death responding to death reports. 

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Here is how social media users misguided by the fake reports


SPM Death Rumors Exposed

Rapper SPM death hoax caused confusion on the internet. But with the help of our blog, we wanted you to be aware of the reality that reports are fake. Carley Brown, daughter of Carlos Coy invalidates the death news. In her Instagram post, she cleared that she talked with her father a few hours ago. He is fine and sentencing his punishment in jail.

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