The current harsh reality of Ukraine is not hidden from anyone. With hundreds of casualties and properties damages, the war is still storming the street. A video of Carro Armato Schiaccia is getting viral on social media. The viral clip contains the footage of how a Russian tank crushes a netizen car with its driver. Although there are no major injuries that have been reported to the driver who is Ukrainian.  Keep reading to learn more about the Ukrainian tanks video.

Carro Armato Schiaccia Video Auto Fake | Russian Tank Crushes Cars Full Video


Carro Armato Schiaccia 

A Tank Crushes video is getting viral on social media platforms. The clip was shooted while a tanker crushed a moving car on the street. There are some sources claiming that the tanker was Russian.  But as of now, there is no official detail that came out in the context. One wrote in the context “Don’t be fooled by the phony western propaganda, that tank in Kyiv that suddenly crushes a car is a Ukrainian model, not a Russian. It is certainly a “Strela 10″ model absolutely Ukrainian …”

It is already watched thousands of times. The reason behind the tanker’s sharp turn remains unearthed. So we can’t tell you whether the same is intentional or by mistake. Following the release of the video, many criticize Russia for the mass violence and damage. Even after all these repercussions, no one can confirm will it end here or drag more. Our team will keep you updated with future findings. 

Carro Armato Schiaccia Video Auto Fake | Russian Tank Crushes Cars Full Video

Video carro armato schiaccia auto

As of now, there is no information available about the driver of the tanker who crushed the car. Hearing some rumors it claims that he is under arrest but without official confirmation, we can’t validate. The video is shooted by surrounding people who witnessed the scene on their own. “Every war has a constant: 90% of the victims are civilians, people who have never fired a rifle. They don’t even know why a bomb comes to their head. Wars are declared by the rich and powerful, who then send us to die the children of the poor.” Today, in the darkest night, the words of Gino Strada resonate strongly.

Carro Armato Schiaccia Video Auto Fake | Russian Tank Crushes Cars Full Video

Driver Health Update

The aftermath of the incident seems to be somehow relaxing because, after that horrific clash between the car and tanker, the driver of the car did not sustain any serious injuries. He is fine now. The people immediately helped him to get out of the crushed car. There are so many reactions on social media following the incident occurred.  Alice Martinelli said “Horror. A tank crushes a civilian’s car. From the news circulating it is unclear if it was a “volunteer” gesture or if the tank has lost control. The good news is that the person onboard the car, an elderly man, is miraculously alive.”

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