Recently the world’s smallest girl name Charlotte Garside was trending after the rumors of her death continue to flourish. Some source claims that she was born in 2012 with the disease of Primordial Dwarfism. The disease creates an impediment in the child’s growth during the fetal stage even with increasing age the body size remains the same. The rare case of this was founded in Charlotte who became the tiniest baby in the world. The child was born to courageous mother Emma Newman who loved her so much that she can’t bear separation from the baby for a while.  Keep reading to explore where is she now and Charlotte Garside still alive 2021 

who is Charlotte Garside?

Charlotte Garside is the world’s smallest child born with a height of 25 cm and a weight of 0.9 kilograms. Unfortunately, the reason behind her extreme level of Dwarfism and weakness was due to Primordial Dwarfism.  The rare cases of Dwarfism in which body size remains in all stages of like means whether it is 10 or 50 years the body will not develop much. Charlotte was born with the same and her weakness is the cause of great concern for her mother initially. But when Emma got to know that she will not develop much from this body structure she did not let her love fade for her loving child. From her appearance, she looks like a doll.

Charlotte Garside

A viral picture of the girl with the family pet rabbit can be seen which gives you a better estimation of her body size. The child received worldwide sympathy when the news get media coverage. One said “Her features and extremely small statute resemble some unique form of primordial dwarfism. I hope that she has been well and her life a happy one since this picture was taken”

Her father’s name is  Scott Garside who is also equally attached with his baby girl as her mother do. 

Charlotte Garside World tiniest Baby

Notwithstanding the fact that she is the world’s tiniest child among her age group she never loses her spirit. There was some news that came out in past confirming her joining the elementary school. No doubt her mother’s physical and emotional support is the source of consistent motivation which embolden her to never give up. 

Mir Mustafa Ali commented “Charlotte Garside – Will never grow taller than 2ft and has a condition so rare there isn’t a name for it. Doctors say she won’t grow more than 2ft tall.”

Charlotte Garside still alive 2021

There are some rumors on the internet claiming Charlotte Garside dead due to her weakness. But we can’t validate these reports as there is no official or authentic source behind them. We do not have much clue whether charlotte Garside still alive or not.  Our team is working to collect more information from trusted sources.  And will update you shortly to bring more clarity over your every doubt. 

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