In this blog, we are going to talk about Karin Kimbrough who is Chief Economist at LinkedIn trending recently after being interviewed at 60 minutes. In the interview, she talks about the possible reason behind the question of why millions of Americans left their jobs in a short span. People are also searching about her personal life like her husband’s age, which we will discuss later in this blog. So keep reading to explore everything we found about her. 

who is Karin Kimbrough?

As mentioned above Karin Kimbrough is an economist and data scientist currently working as Chief Economist at LinkedIn. she joined the organization in the month of January last year. Before this, she has worked as assistant treasurer in google. She has experience working with the treasurer for around 2 years. According to her Linkedin profile page, she had been Head of Macroeconomic Policy at Bank of America. In addition, she has served as a vice president at  Federal Reserve Bank in the market group.

No doubt her achievement in the short span really inspire others. Recognizing her incredible success Black Enterprise name her as the most powerful black woman in 2017. Karin went to Stanford University where she completed her BA in economics. And then a Ph.D. from the university of oxford. 


She was making news headlines after her views on the plausible reason behind Americans quitting jobs. The program was held for 60 minutes on January 9, 2021. In the interview, she said “Employees are in the driver’s seat right now. Workers want better pay and benefits… but they’re also demanding autonomy and flexibility, particularly in their work schedules. And employers – large and small – simply have to respond.”

Karin Kimbrough wikipedia

Although she is quite a famous and successful woman but she does not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. Information about her age, husband, net worth, family, etc is not available with us at the moment. From her appearance, she looks like in her 40s. We will keep you updated with all the latest news we got in the context. 

Collin La Mey said on Twitter “#KarinKimbrough: ur talking about low wage jobs. That is where workers are quitting. UR generalizing. People will quit jobs if they have the resources. Lots of the people quitting are those close to retirement. The move is towards remote jobs &…” 

He adds “Remember there is an aging of The US Labor force. In fact, there is an aging of the population so quitting jobs will be exponential!!”

Karin Kimbrough husband

As we earlier mentioned we do not have enough information about her personal life. She is a married woman but abstains from sharing her personal information in the public domain.  



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